Pacific Crest Trail Adventure



Bernie has been posting about our Pacific Crest Trail Adventure on his blog.

He has been posting the pictures, and sharing our feelings and insights from the trail.

There is much more to come! So be sure to check in if you enjoy our journey.

Visit his blog Here


7 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

  1. That is one knarly Joshua Tree. I’ve enjoyed following Bernie’s story of your hiking adventure. How about some of your version as well?

    Did your interview get resceduled?

  2. Gaelyn: Well….. perhaps I could. I have been putting in my input here and there with what Bernie is writing, but everyone does have a different perspective. Maybe I will do a more simple version once in a while.

    Joan: It is quite fun to be traveling it again through the pictures. Tonight we watched a show on the Appalachian Trail…. I might just have to do it. Darned, got sucked in by another one. hehe.

  3. The Joshua Tree is like an alien form of vegetation – and this one is a beauty! Isn’t travelling through different terrain a bit like going to another world entirely? Oh! The things you and Bernie must have seen…wow! G

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