Natures Passion

Natures Artwork


Yesterday Nature was expressing herself passionately through weather around here. She was fluctuating between big hail storms and blue patches in the sky. It really was a beautiful day, and had so many magical moments to it. This picture is looking toward our neighbors house, the sun was casting such an amazing glow on everything, contrasting beautifully with that dark background. And there is our little bull calf enjoying the scenery as well.




I enjoyed getting to experience it from different perspectives. Earlier in the day I sat next to the warm woodstove and watched rain and then hail come down in sheets. Then I ventured out during a moment in between storms, getting lightly misted at times, to feed the chickens. And at the end of the day, Bernie and I went and sat under the overhang of one of our out buildings and enjoyed a show of Thunder and Lightning, accented with sheets of rain, and moments of hail.


Peaceful Pastures


These pictures were all taken just before Bernie and I sat down to enjoy the show. Nature sure does provide some spectacular scenery! Beauty, our draft horse took a moment to pose for me before the next storm rolled in.


Spectacular Layers


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16 thoughts on “Natures Passion

  1. Extraordinary color and light in these images. The glowing leaves against the dark sky is absolutely stunning! And – of course – the silhouette of Beauty lives up to his name. Love these images!!!

  2. Oh Stacey, those dark skies provide a dramatic backdrop to the bright fall colors you still have. Love the draft horse silohuet as well. How delightful to sit outside yet under protection and truly experience a storm. You make John Muir proud. Then to go back inside and warm yourselves by the wood stove. Life is good.

    I’m hopping your new little shed/craft room provides some kind of dynamite view. Of which I see you have many.

    What a glorious day!

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