My Adventure – Part 2 – The Grand Canyon

Chilly But Beautiful


Las Vegas was interesting, but I have to say that the trip really started for me once mom and I took off on our road trip. First destination: The Grand Canyon. We made it to Williams the first night out of Las Vegas. This is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, and it was a very cute little town. We spent the morning shopping a little bit, finding a few good gifts. It was SO cold though! I really did not expect it to get so cold on our trip, but alas it did. It spit snow on us a little bit driving into Williams that night, and then the next day right as we made it into Grand Canyon Natioinal Park we god a couple more snow flakes spit at us before the clouds started to slowly give up and drift away.


Snow Clouds Clearing Out


The clouds turned out to be perfect though, it added some dimension to the scenery. And with the lovely lens that Bernie let me borrow, with its great polarizing filter, I got some wonderful pictures on our journey! The colours of the Canyon simply amaze me. Its spectacular to look down into this gaping hole in the ground and see all these beautiful colours accenting every formation and bend.


Enjoying the Views


Unfortunatly Mum started catching a cold at this point, and was having a hard time breathing. She did not feel up to any of the steep climbs that the Canyon is filled with, so we kept our outings simple. This was a lovely 1.5 mile walk along the rim. We got to see different view points (mum enjoying one of them in the picture above), giving us many perspectives on the Canyon. Its great to see the trails snaking down toward the river at the bottom. It made me really want to strap a backpack on and head down to the bottom. When I met Bernie seven years ago I was not a hiker at all, I developed this skill quickly as I joined him in his adventures. The Grand Canyon was my first real overnight hike with a backpack. We had been doing day hikes up to that point, and driving out dirt roads and camping, but we had not done a hike in camping trip yet (The Grand Canyon adventure was only a month or two after we had met). This was my first time back to the Grand Canyon since that adventure, and looking down at those trails brought back some memories. I have walked literally thousands of miles since then, and it would be great to go back down with a whole new perspective.


A Lovely Little Friend


We saw a flock of beautiful little pygmy nut hatches in a tree along our walk. I do love the nut hatches. Such beautiful little birds, and a great personality! They jumped around the tree, gently talking in their happy tones to each other, gathering little morsels of food. I snapped this picture just as he pulled a seed out of the cone, and a moment later he had flown of to hide his treasure in a food stash somewhere.


Hopi House


There are many buildings along the rim. A good handful of them are giftshops such as this building, the Hopi House. Most of these structures were designed by Mary Colter in the ’20’s and ’30’s. They are all beautiful and unique in their own ways. Showcasing materials of the area.


Ever Changing Views


The day we left the Canyon we drove along the rim to the east, and stopped at many of the viewpoints. Its amazing how quickly the Canyon changes. Each vantage point is spectacular, and reveals a new perspective.


The Lookout Tower


Another of Mary Colters creations.



Immersed In Nature


Standing at the edge….. Loving Nature!


12 thoughts on “My Adventure – Part 2 – The Grand Canyon

  1. That first picture is simply STUNNING Stacey!! WOW!! I like the others too but that one is exceptional. You have captured the colors so beautifully.

    This is a great trip you took with your mom. The Grand Canyon is my favorite place in all the world and would love to stay in a place like Flagstaff so I have it nearby.

  2. Wow is all i can say, stunning, it must quite awe inspiring to look down into the canyon. No wonder you had the urge to want to go off and explore. The colours are stunning, and thats a fab shot of the wee nut hach. hope your mom is fully recovered, shame it stopped her from walking. Lovely too that it brings back such great memories for you. x ruthie

  3. Beautiful photos – they stir some of my memories of our many trips to Arizona/Utah/New Mexico. The time involved in water carving out the Grand Canyon is unimaginable. Maybe one of the attractions of such a place is the sensation of being a mere blip in the time and life of the earth, of being insignificant in the scheme of things.
    It is great that your visit there this time recalls for you earlier visit there with your Bernie. This place will exert a profound pull on both of you so that during a long lifetime together you will make many returns to it. G

  4. Oh Stacey, you’ve made me homesick with these excellent captures of the canyon. The trails call my name as well. Nice to have those deep seated memories of Bernie and you hiking there. Sure hope you two can hike it with me sometime.
    Bummer about your Mom getting sick. Sure hope she’s better by now. Maybe the elevation a little.
    I sure look forward to more of this little adventure.

  5. You look so happy and lovely on the edge of wild beauty.
    These photos are gorgeous! Wow. Sorry to hear your mum had a cold. Darn. Also those buildings are awesome!

  6. Thank you for all the kind and loving words everyone! I am glad you all are enjoying the photos as much as I do, and I am so happy to have them as a memory of our lovely trip.

    Thank you also for the get well wishes for my mum. She is slowly getting better. We still had a good time together though! We just couldn’t do any vigorous hikes.

    Yes, the Grand Canyon will call me back for a hike…..

  7. Wow!! what a feeling of vastness… and the layers of time!!!
    love the photo of you in front of the canyon.. you do really look to be in your element…

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