My Adventure – Part 1

A Spectacular Sunrise


This was the sunrise here the morning we left for Las Vegas. What a beautiful send off! I am not a morning person, so I don’t see a lot of sunrises, lol.


Entry Statues at Ceasars Palace


The convention that we were attending was at Ceasars Palace. We stayed at a different hotel about a (Las Vegas) block away. These are the statues that greet you when you first walk in Ceasars. All the details that they have put into this massive building is amazing. It is beyond imagination how much it cost to construct this monster of a resort. The whole place takes up a huge amount of land, and is a maze to get around.


A delux place to dine


This is an indoor cafe….. all the detailed painting, and statues. It amazes me.


FAO Schwartz Horse


One of the fun parts of one of the shopping areas there is the FAO Schwarz Trojan Horse. Only in a building of this size could something like this look at home. Its pretty neat. We went to the Forum shops at Ceasars also, very expensive over all, but kind of fun to look through. Things that I would not normally see shopping around here in Bellingham. I did find a Christmas gift for mom though.


Fremont Street Halloween


One evening we made our way up to Fremont street to have dinner, do some shopping and experience the light show. For anyone that has not been to Las Vegas, this is a walking only street that has a huge lightshow built over it. It runs a couple blocks long, and every hour or so each night they put on this big show with music. We happened to be there for two shows, and each one was different. At the end of each show there was a Halloween bonus show. These two pictures are from one of the bonus shows at the end. Its a pretty amazing thing to watch. Nothing in Las Vegas is small.


Fremont Street Experience


Mom and I had a good time in Las Vegas. It is an interesting place to visit once in a while. I have to say it is not a place that I would really enjoy living in, or spending too much time at. But its always good to get a different perspective on life, and Las Vegas will do that for you for sure! It is entertaining in its own ways, if you have never been you might ponder doing it once as a once in a lifetime experience. It’s unique!

6 thoughts on “My Adventure – Part 1

  1. I was wondering where you were? What lovely pictures Stacey. Las Vegas has changed so much since I was last there but tha pace is just as frantic as ever.

  2. Wow… that sunrise…. made my mouth drop! :c)
    I know what you mean about the “excess” feel. I’ve never been to Vegas, but the first time I walked into a huge Harrah’s casino, it was sensory overload.

  3. That sunrise send off was worth getting up for. I’m with you not being a morning person. And Wow, the Palace is opulent. Nice start to your most recent adventure. Look forward to more.

  4. That sunset makes getting up early worthwhile! I think you have changed my perception of las vegas a little, the ceasars palace looked spectacular! glad to see you both hd a wonderful time x ruthie

  5. all of your pics are fun and full of great light and color! you really are a wonderful photographer. That sunrise is gorgeous, might be inspiration to rise a wee bit early once in a while? nah…
    just kidding. I tend to be a night owl myself.

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