Best Friends

A Man and His Friend



Playing Dead



Last Sunday when mom and I were at the Pike Place Market, there was a man and his beloved bird performing on a corner. He said that he got him when he was a featherless baby and now he is 15 years old. I never did catch the mans name, but the birds name was Phinius (really not sure on the spelling there). This guy had taught his bird all kinds of great tricks, and had us all smiling. I just loved this first photo, cant you just see the love that this guy shares with his bird? And that piercing gaze in the second photo, he was looking right into my soul.


I wish I had been able to get some video of the act these two friends did. They both seemed to enjoy the attention, and even though Phinius was doing most of the work, you could tell he was so much happier than a bird that had to sit in a cage all day. I have seen birds that live in a cage plucking themselves bald out of stress and bordom. This bird was as healthy as you could ask for, nice feathers, good weight and a wise joyful expression. So lovely to see!


Having grown up with many animals, I love to see someone that is so loving, and having so much fun with their animal companion. Its such a special relationship to some people, and that is just wonderful! I have never understood how some people can honestly believed that animals do not have a soul, or are incapable of thinking, I suppose we all have a different perspective on the world…… Whats one of your favorite experiences with a beloved pet?


I am off to Las Vegas tomorrow, and then the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ. I hope to get many wonderful photos to share on here, and to remember my adventure. I am truely blessed to have great opportunities to go explore the world, and am endlessly grateful for them. I may not have internet access again until I get back in a week (at this time I do not  have a laptop or other mobile device to take with me). I hope all of you have a magical week! (Oh! And my last post was my 100th post! Does not seem like I have had that much to say….)


12 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Hi Stacey. I’ve just had a lovely time catching up on your posts. I love the photo of all those chillies! 🙂
    The parrot made me smile and so did the lovely picture of your mum – she looks so warm and friendly.
    Enjoy your next trip – one day I’ll get to do the white water rafting trip down the Grand canyon!!!

  2. Wow, never seen a red-tailed beauty like that. So cute to see it lying on it back. Yes, its look pierces into the soul.
    Thanks for capturing it for us.

    Have a nice trip and can’t wait to see your new pictures.

  3. The look of love on the man’s face is breathtaking. The bird does seem to gaze through and into you – I think birds and animals have a special gift of “knowing” – perhaps some humans who aren’t too busy have it , too. Congratulations on your 100th post – I will soon be at mine. Where does the time go? Have a great trip!

  4. There is an obvious bond of trust between this man and his bird friend. I miss that connection with Carson gone. Yet take every opportunity to get a dog or cat fix when able. Of course they all have souls, everything is made up of the same energy.

    Congrats on your 100th.

    Have a great time in the SW. Hope to hear from you, but realize a week’s visit isn’t very long.

  5. Your photos are fabulous! They tell the story wonderfully. One memory with a pet was a dog I had, Nyzha. I could call her with a thought and she would come. I thought this showed our closeness.
    Lovely that you are on an adventure~

  6. Jayne: Thank you. I really like these photos also, they make me smile.

    Liz: I’m sorry I have not been to your blog in quite some time, I will drop by and catch up! Aww, so sweet to say that of my mum, she is a pretty good lady.

    Swapna: I will be posting the new photos very soon. Glad you enjoyed the photo.

    Barb: Too true, I think we can learn much from animals. Life just is for them.

    Gaelyn: Perhaps you will have another close animal friendship sometime soon. Sorry we didn’t get the chance to get together!

    Marcie: The first photo captures the closeness that you often capture with your dog park photos.

    Ruthie: It was a great trip!

    Tammie: You have such a great connection with all the beings around you, I think thats wonderful that you and Nyzha were so close. Animals seem to be so much more tuned into the different levels of communication than humans.

  7. Vegas was a nice post but this one touches me particularly since I also raised a parrot from the naked stage to adulthood. He only slept in a cage but with the door open. When he was little, I carried him with me to keep him warm and feed him often. When he grew up he went for walks with me. The dog on a lead and the parrot flying free or sitting on my shoulder.
    Finally, in the second spring when he had stayed out a couple of times ove night, I was a good mother and when he called me outside the window, I did not answer and he rejoined his own kind. He had been a runt in a nest in the desert and not expected to live, so at least he had a nice life.

  8. Arija: What a magical story! Thank you for sharing this. I love hearing about second chances for an animal, and this is a great one. It sounds like he had a lovely life with you, thanked you, and moved onto another blessed life. Sounds like true love between you two!

  9. I absolutely could not live with out animals.. They bring such great joy and have such understanding… I wish they could talk… although they do very well getting their points across even with just there emotions!!!

    we have had fires in our life… one when I was in my thirties, no one was at home and I lost my loved dog and cat in it and it gave me such sadness…

    but on a happier note .. the other fire was when I was only 2… our dog, Tippy, jumped one my father’s bed and licked him and barked till he awoke … we just had time to get out of the burning smoke filled house before it was totally engulfed… Tippy saved all of our lives.. and yes Tippy got out too!!!

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