A Weekend Out and About

Pike Place Market


Mum at the Market


This past weekend my mom and I drove down to Olympia for my cousins wedding on Saturday. It was great to see some family that I had not seen in a good number of years. Reconnecting ties that had started to slip loose. It was a lovely wedding, and the Bride was beautiful of course! Unfortunatly I don’t have the flash set up needed to get good pictures indoors, and thus I did not get any pictures that I thought were worth sharing. But on Sunday we got up and drove to Seattle so that we could visit the Pike Place Market. Its such a great place to visit, so much going on, and great things to see! These first two pictures are not the highest quality, but they are good memories for me. The first is the sign that sits atop the open air building that the majority of the market sits under. The second is my mum, giving me a lovely smile (its hard to get her to smile nice for the camera some times, lol). We had a wonderful time wandering the market together! How much fun. Mom found a couple Christmas presents for people (yes, it is getting to be that time of year already).




There were people of all types there, I liked this picture of a gentleman doing his weekend shopping. The  produce there really is beautiful! Its wonderful quality, and they arrange it in an amazingly artistic way. It makes it very tempting to buy! There are also many flower stands. There are little ladies standing there all day putting together the most beautiful arrangements. We bought two, but I did not end up getting a picture of them. Its great to watch these women piece together an arrangement one stem at a time.

There are also all kinds of crafts people selling their art. I got a T-shirt with a beautiful fish design and ‘Seattle Pike Place Market’ written on it. This lady does beautiful designs for shirts. My parents bought a raven one for Bernie last year, which is also very nice. They are based on Native American Art with this ladies personal touch on the design.


A Rainbow of Produce



Natures Colour Palate


There were some amazing chili arangements in all kinds of shapes and colours. We were also blessed with enjoying the amazing Fall colours. The Northwest doesnt always get the nicest fall colours, because if it rains a lot (as it usually does this time of year) the leaves will start to turn colour and then they get all wet and just turn this blah brown then fall to the ground. This year though, they are amazing! I unfortunatly did not get any pictures of it, as we were always enjoying the beauty as we were driving.

It was a lovely weekend!


10 thoughts on “A Weekend Out and About

  1. Such colorful photos – I’ve never been to Seattle, but may get the chance to visit there in the spring. The market looks like it is chock- full of all kinds of interesting items.

    • Barb: If you do make it to Seattle I highly recomend visiting the Pike Place Market, it is one of my favorite things to do in Seattle! Enjoy your visit, and I hope you get to experience many new and different things.

  2. ahhhhh, a weekend with my lovely and charming daughter, life seldom gets much better than that. We did have a lovely time, shopped til we dropped, caught up with family, had the most amazing drive down and back with all the spectacular fall colors, and had a chance to spend some quality time together. I am so blessed. I love that kid !! (comment left by my lovely mum)

    • Thank you for stopping by my Natures Whispers.

      It was nice clicking onto your blog and seeing the Pike Place Marker sign. One of my favourite friends works on its newspaper and often tells me market tales. I feel like I know the place 🙂

  3. What a great market it seems to be Stacey. Yes, I see our shops have started to get Christmas things in too. It is the one time of year I don’t like as everyone seems to go a little crazy. 🙂

  4. I’ve read so many stories about the market there. What an interesting and fun place. Glad you and your mum got to have some time together there. Thanks for taking us along. :c)

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