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Well I have been a little slow at posting, because I haven’t been doing hardly anything! There has been a lack of fresh energy for me to post about. But today Bernie, Angel and I went to the Nooksack River. It wasn’t a very long outing, but we all got to stretch our legs, and do something other than hang out around the house. The light was low, but I fiddled around with my camera a little. Bernie let me borrow his new lens, it really was nice, giving me a better quality photo. Unfortunatly I chopped the top of Bernie’s head off in the second photo, but I kept it because I loved his expression and Angels determination.

Now I can’t say we haven’t been doing anything. Bernie has been a saint helping my dad do some projects around the property, the place is looking good. I have been running around town here and there, one day even dropping off a couple job applications. I am slowly working toward the idea of getting a job. This is challenging for me, I am a bit of a free spirit, and don’t always enjoy having to live by a schedule….. But I am slowly getting closer to accepting it is a step I need to take at this point. The plan for this weekend? Going down to Olympia for my cousins wedding. He is only 20 years old! So young! Maybe I will get some fun pictures down there!


6 thoughts on “Next To The River

  1. Sometimes we do need to force ourselves out of our way of life. It is so easy to get into a rut. I hope you find work Stacey. Love the pictures.

  2. fun to see life through your lens….
    hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding.
    wishing you the best in finding a job that is wonderful for you, in many ways!

  3. oooh, i can so identify with the free spirit bit, its real hard to have to conform sometimes!!!! good luck though with the job hunting, hope you find just waht you are looking for x ruthie

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