A Journey to San Juan Island

The Ferry



On Tuesday Bernie and I took our guests, Lyndsay and Jordan out to San Juan Island. I had not been out there in years, and it was wonderful to re-visit and get to experience the beauty of this wonderful place. The day started with a Ferry ride from Anacortes to Friday Harbor (ferry photo courtesy of Bernie). A ferry ride is something that everyone should do at least once in their life, it is just so much fun. This one is an hour long, and gives you a wonderful tour through the San Juan Islands (now to clear up any confusion, all the islands in this area is grouped under the name ‘the san juan islands’, but one of them is named San Juan Island….) There is a magical feeling of peace and adventure riding the ferry. They float you along the water, transporting you along the highway of the islands. The deck of the boat rumbling and vibrating under your feet as the massive engine pushes the mass of the boat loaded down with the weight of cars and passengers through the softly rippling waters. The weather could not have been better, it was a calm warm day. The waters stood almost completely still for us.



A frolic through the pebbles



When we arrived at our destination we spent a bit of time exploring the town of Friday Harbor. We found a quaint little used book store, with shelves pouring out onto the floors and counters surrounding them. Lyndsay bought a little french childrens novel to practice her french, and I bought yet another cookbook to add to my never ending collection. After a tasty lunch at a restaurant with the best view of the harbor we set out in my (wonderfully cute!) car. The first stop was Cattle Point, a beautiful windswept point on the south end of the island. We frolicked and strolled along the beach.



A Beach Stroll



Is he sticking his tongue out at me?



Watching the Waters



The Island is filled with great history and beautiful places. This lighthouse is located at Lime Kiln Point state park. Its on the side of the island that looks toward Vancouver Island (yes you can see canada from right there). Its a really deep channel that runs between San Juan Island and Vancouver Island, this creates a rich feeding ground. Often Orcas are spoted along this shore, unfortunatly they did not make a showing while we were visiting. I was really hoping that they would so that Lyndsay and Jordan would get the chance to see them. The park also has an old restored Lime Kiln. There are many great places to visit, two of them are American Camp (close to cattle point) and English Camp. These were occupied at the time when the border between America and Canada were being determined. They are both amazingly beautiful spots, and so vastly different! They are on opposite ends of the island, and have such a different feel from each other.



Is That Attached?



Of course there was much picture taking the whole day.



Perfect End to the Day



The best part of all is that the ferry ride home was right at sunset, and although it had clouded up part way through the day, the clouds were well worth it at sunset. I have not altered this photo in any way, the sunset was so amazing. It really was a magical end to a great day. The next morning Lyndsay and Jordan boarded Amtrak for a train journey back to their home in Tennessee. I hope they enjoyed their visit to our little corner of the world. I had a wonderful time exploring places of old with a fresh perspective.


7 thoughts on “A Journey to San Juan Island

  1. What a lovely day Stacey. I see some rude man sticking out tongue at you. 🙂 Don’t feed him for a week then he will think twice of doing it again. LOL!!

  2. Taking a ferry ride to the islands is such a treat. Moored out of Friday Harbor a couple of times and explored San Juan Island. After visiting the whale museum I actually saw Orcas on from the opposite side of the island. How nice to show it to friends and see it with new eyes. Great sunset.

    Stacey, I’ve passed along the “Best Blog Award” to you. It’s been so great to get to know you, and Bernie, through blogging. Feel free to stop by and pick it up.

  3. Visiting you from Gaelyn’s blog. I enjoyed your photos of San Juan. I toured 3 of the the Gulf Islands by bike, and they were equally picaresque. Your sunset photo is breathtaking!

  4. I so loved the contrast of the white n red painted light house on that rock against the blue of the water n sky n distant mountains.

    All the pictures were beautiful and sunset was stunning! Am glad you captured the magic for us and shared.

    Have a great day.

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