Friends and An Ancient Lesson

A Peaceful Moment


We have a lovely couple visiting for a couple of days who we met on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer, Lyndsay and Jordan. They ended up finishing a couple weeks after us, and spent some time enjoying Canada. It’s great to get to spend a couple of days with them before they head back home to Tennessee. We actually met them somewhat early on in our pilgrimage this year, and actually last saw them in southern California. I had wondered about them many times along the trail, and did not hear how they were doing. I am glad we got in touch right at the end!


We had a lovely day today. It was relaxing, and we visited some beautiful places around Bellingham. I really liked this picture of them enjoying the views out toward the islands. Tomorrow we journey to the San Juan Islands. It should be a great outing, and I hope to get some nice pictures out there! We get to go on a Ferry ride, and thats always a great experience.


Tonight we all watched the movie Kung Fu Panda. Cute, as expected, but it also had a great message. I love the disney movies, because even though its usually a basic concept they are very profound if you take a moment to reflect on it. So I leave you with this thought:



There is no ‘hidden ingredient’ to transform us into something special,

We are special.


6 thoughts on “Friends and An Ancient Lesson

  1. I love Walt Disneys too and will never be too old to enjoy them.

    This is really great that you made friends and met up with them again. I hope you stay in contact.

  2. Stacey, that’s a great capture of your PCT friends. Always nice to share a place you know with new eyes.

    Disney always reminds me of the simplest values which many seem to forget. Like be a good person in how you treat others. So true, we are all special.

    Very nice post.

  3. Beautiful view and the couple add so much life,love n color to it. I couldnt but think about the wonderful thought….yeah indeed we are all special.

    Have a nice time.

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