How Many Are There?

The Crew


  Ok, I said I was going to get a picture to show the sheer numbers of chickens. This is just part of them, these are the ones that I could get to come when I threw food out, there are MANY more. Sorry you see more tail feather than heads, but they were chowing down. Does anyone want to attempt counting the chickens in this picture? I can tell you there are over 50. The other day I sat down on the front portch and counted the “little” group that was in front of me, and there were 26 chickens, it was a very small group of the whole flock. Scary.

  We had a rain system roll in yesterday and today. The chickens have smartly been staying inside the barn most of the day. It’s funny to me they don’t enjoy the rain at all. This picture was taken yesterday when the storm clouds parted for a while, and they were catching up on their outdoor time.

  Now I am off to cuddle up in the living room and work on some shopping bag sewing. Rainy dyas are always good to do crafts!


9 thoughts on “How Many Are There?

  1. Wonderful photo! wow, that is a lot of chickens! Amazing. I enjoyed your other chicken post also, it had a great feeling of life on the farm.

    cloudy here, but no rain. though I am told our mountain tops got dusted.

  2. What a cute picture! They look so dignified in their own little community! I love the mix of earthy colors in them 🙂

  3. Celia: That would indeed make a great puzzle!

    Tammie: It is the farm life for sure here….. and all the antics that go along with it.

    Joan: I started on my bags, but ran out of the thread colour I needed, I am off today to get more!

    Jayne: And they can eat too! Its amazing how fast the food dissapears.

    Gaelyn: Yes, one of the next projects is selling some chickens, so that there are less mouths to feed.

    Marcie: I can stand there and just watch all the different chickens, with their colours and shapes.

    Erin: Its a love hate relationship through the chicken community. When there is food its every chicken for themselves. 🙂

  4. Hi, I am doing some catching up… I love these adorable chickens.. and it was so great seeing what you have been doing the last few months.. the utterly amazing trip you and your partner undertook.. what stamina you have !! Congratulations to you both!!!

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