Meet Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs.


  Well if you remember my posts from this spring, we were collecting chicks in large numbers. Well now all those chicks, plus many batches hatched out by our hens through the summer are all grown up (well we do still have some small chicks still). There are chickens EVERYWHERE! This makes me happy as can be though, I just love to watch them all. Some are pure breeds that mom bought from the hatchery, and some are mutts from here on the farm. Most are beautiful, a few are homely.

  There is a pair, that my parents named Mr. and Mrs. who hang out around the yard. They are the cutest little chickens. They follow us around because my parents were feeding them out of their hands this summer. Lately who ever goes out on the porch first in the morning is greeted by Mr. and Mrs. standing by the front door. You just never know, maybe someone would open the door with chicken food in their hands, its worth the inquiry. This is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. lounging in the mid-day sun. Don’t they look like they are tourists sunbathing on a beach somewhere? Ok, maybe thats just me.

  I will have to make my way out to the chicken yard and capture some of our more ‘interesting’ chicken creations to share with all of you. I need to get geared up and try selling some before the winter. I will do that….. really.


9 thoughts on “Meet Mr. and Mrs.

  1. Hi Stacey,
    I found your blog though Bernie’s and have enjoyed reading. :c)
    How fun to have all those chicks grow up to be so beautiful and part of the family.

    I am so in awe of your hike! Take care.

  2. Mrs has spread her cloak of beauty about her in the sun. She has a certain glamour in her attitude. Mr should be sipping a beer! They are lovely – and how good of them to greet you at the door in the mornings. Now, that would make my day!
    Looking forward to more pictures of your gang! G

    • Gaelyn: It’s amazing all the different colours and textures all the chickens are, it makes quite the tapestry. Well slightly multi coloured, browns and whites, but not the pretty greens and blues that some chickens do.

      Jayne: Thank you for visiting my blog! We have many furry and feathered family members. 🙂

      Marcie: If they would let me get real close, and they would hold still I would take some close ups of their colourful feathers.

      G: They each have such great personalities. Mr. & Mrs. remind me of a little farming couple, he is small and slender, she is slightly robust and well put together. They crack me up.

      Joan: Oh gosh, if we don’t sell some this fall, next summer is going to be scary! LoL.

  3. They look like very laid back chickens 🙂 How wonderful that they’re so friendly too. I really wish we had more room outside so we could keep chickens. Guess I just need to be patient….. In the meantime I’ll enjoying reading about yours! 🙂

  4. Mr & Mrs look very comfy indeed. My 2 girls are all grown up and one of them is laying now, im not so sure about Daisy who turned out to be a rooster. He does control them rather and can be a bit agressive with me.

  5. Rebecca: I hope you get the chance to have some one day, they really are sweet little animals.

    Being Maisie: That is frustrating to have a rooster that is not very nice. Just know that there are nice roosters out there if you don’t feel like dealing with him. We have many sweet roosters, and try to get rid of the ones that are more agressive.

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