When you are Inspired by some great purpose,

 some extraordinary project,

all your thoughts break their bonds,

your mind transcends limitations,

your conciousness expands in every direction,

and you find yourself in a new,

great and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive,

and you discover yourself to be a greater person

by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

~Patanjali Yoga (c.200 BC)



 When we are inspired by the now, we do what we love with each moment.

What Inspires you?

What have you discovered about yourself?


7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. That is a most spectacular rose pic Stacey.
    What inspires me? The list would be so long it would not fit on this page. Most of all, nature does as you know by now. To see new life at the begining of spring, babies born to various animals, hearing the tweet of new little birds in their nest, Sunrises……oh so many, many things……

    • Joan: Nature is a great inspiration. The reason it is such a powerful force is because nature lives in the now. It helps us to remember how to become centered, and celebrate our own beauty in each moment.

      Gaelyn: It takes time for us to leave behind our training from society to be able to be in the now, but as we are able to spend more time in the now we find our rhythm shifting, so we are able to be in the now as much as possible.

      Tammie: True spirit is indeed one of the greatest inspirations. When we start to find it within ourselves we start to see the simple beauty of nature reflected in everything we do.

  2. my my, such a lovely rose photo!
    such wonderful words as well!
    true spirit in humans and in nature inspires me~
    I have discovered that going with the flow of what rises has become quite natural for me. Lots of practice!
    hello until we get to chat.

    • Erin: Thank you, I actually took that photo about a year ago, I loved the droplets that the fog created that day. I’m glad that my choice in poems spoke to you. This poem means something different to each person that reads it, just as any words do. If it can inspire just one person it has accomplished its purpose. I have a feeling it has inspired many since it was channeled and written down many many years ago.

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