The First Pictures of Our Journey

The Start


Here are the first of our pictures to share! Twin monuments sit at each end of the trail, but the landscape that surrounds them is truly opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s great to look at these pictures next to each other and remember all the amazing places that we traveled between these two points. The trail starts at the Mexican border near a little town called Campo. It ends at the Canadian border near Manning Park (a park in Canada).

Yep, those outfits were worn all day, every day for 4.5 months. I did get a new pair of shorts after about 1.5 months, because I had lost enough weight my shorts kept falling down. And then I got a new shirt 1.5 months ago, not because my other one was worn out, it was going strong, but I needed to switch things up….. Its amazing how well everything lasted.


Me at the Finish


Bernie on top of the World


It’s such an interesting experience to start and end at the borders of our country. One of the main reasons to hike a long distance trail such as the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is to free oneself from the rules and neurosis of society. And there you are, standing at the Mexican border, a barbed wire fence right behind the monument, a swept road behind that (yes, they sweep this dirt road at least once a day to watch for footprints) and a massive steel panel wall behind that. Border patrol zoom back in forth in MANY different vehicles (I wish we had a choice what our tax money went towards….. ). And then there you are, standing at the Canadian border, literally in the middle of no where, with a 15 foot wide clear cut that runs along the whole border here in the Northwest. There are many other things along the way that remind you of our society, but its really a blatant reminder at the start and end of how seperated we have become. Its really quite sad in its own way.

  I have looked through some of our pictures, and its amazing to look back on the journey. It evokes great feelings and emotions. Its so funny what we remember and forget, and then what comes back to us by reflecting on the photos. There is so much I want to share about our trip, but I am still at a loss for words, its an experience that is so beyond words in many ways. Maybe as I look through the photos the feelings will help to inspire and coax the words out.

  It already feels like a couple weeks since we finished, and it has only been 5 days. Time is such a fluid and relative thing. I have really been enjoying just relaxing the last few days, allowing the body to heal and shift rhythms. But in ways I am starting to feel a little restless, I think it is time to start putting my energy into creative endeavors again.

11 thoughts on “The First Pictures of Our Journey

    • Christie: Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to seeing you!

      Joan: A long distance hike is a wonderful diet. I personally did not need to loose weight, but I have often thought it would be a great weight loss plan to take people on a 2 week long hike. You wouldn’t believe how much some people loose on the trail. I lost 15lbs, and did not have a lot to loose. I agree, it is easy to get lost in our society, imersing yourself in nature is such a wonderful way to cure that.

      Gaelyn: I suppose the ugly is part of the whole experience. It all balances out into a wonderful experience. I think I will be digesting this experience the rest of my life…… at least I hope I do, because with time there will always be a new way of looking at it. It is a very long journey, I still wonder if I am built for that long of a trail, but even if one does not want to to experience the whole thing in one year, doing sections of it is a very magical experience also. Especially if you can do a few weeks at a time.

  1. I have to say that both of you look fit and healthy enough at the start this great hike but I can imagine that the exercise and the lack of proper food can cause one to loose weight. Maybe this is what we all need to do instead of dieting. 🙂

    What an inspiring journey this must have been and I would really love to do it too. If I ever went to the USA again, I will definitely do this trail. It is something that purifies the heart and soul and there is nothing like it to find oneself again. We sometimes loose our way in this modern world in which we live.

    Cant wait to see the rest of your trip.

  2. Wow, lost enough weight to buy smaller shorts. Girl you look thin enough.
    What a shame the beginning and end of the trail are so ugly, that metal fence is awful and I’ve seen the clear cut border. But all those awesome and beautiful miles between. Ahhh…..
    I’ll bet it will take much time to really digest this journey. So many Nows along the way. PCT seems so long, more I think I want to do, but…maybe someday. I do look forward to more pics and stories, at your leisure.
    Welcome home.

  3. wow! congrats you guys, you did it!! what an incredible experience it must have been! i so cant wait to hear more. i think maybe it allows you to look at life in a different way after achieving something like this. well done again, you are a true inspiration. Mr O & i are just getting started really on our walking, but i feel more inspired every time we go out & want to achieve bigger things. good to know u home safe & sound x ruthie

  4. This sounds like such an incredible journey. How liberating to be away from the conditioning of our society. You’re right…it would be a great weight loss plan! Several years ago PBS had a show called Frontier House where several families simulated life in the late 1800s. They lived in log cabins and had to grow/raise their food. Many of them ended up losing a great deal of weight. It actually scared the people to lose that much weight, but in reality, it was the healthiest their bodies had ever been!

    • Ruthie: Thank you for all the warm and kind words. Walking is such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy our surroundings. There are so many different kinds of places that you can go for walks. Keep enjoying your walking time!

      Erin: Yeah, it’s definatly a more recent thing to have such a high percentage of the population overweight or obese, in times past people worked a lot harder on a daily basis, and thus were much more fit and thin. It was great when we were a ways into the hike, because from a distance you could tell the thru hikers. There were a few things that gave them away, but one of the main things was that each of us were lean mean hiking machines. Its great to see a group of people in such prime shape.

      Rebecca: The words will start to flow, I just need to sit down and allow them to come as they are meant to be. I also need to sit down and look through the pictures a little more, I haven’t done that in a couple days now. I’ve been busy enjoying the weekend with my family. Thanks for the welcome back!

  5. Great to have you back Stacey. It sounds like a wonderful journey and such an amazing achievement. It must have been fascinating to travel through such varied landscapes. I hope you can find the words to share more of your experiences with us.

  6. Each day I sent loving blessings! So happy you and Bernie are home safe and sound! I think in some ways I mother henned you two! LOL…
    I have been studying the North America Prairie this summer. Each weekend I find another section of restored prairie to walk. My husband and I take photographs while we walk. Most weekends we end up walking 6 hours….nothing like the trail you walked. This is one way I too can go on a walk about.
    What I love about studying the prairie each week is the relationships of plant, animal and insects and human. Back home I am surrounded by field guides as I try to id the wildflowers and all the different bugs.
    I would love a long hike……what a marvelous experience you must have had.
    Looking forward to your stories.

  7. Wonderful to see the two of you. Such an amazing experience you have had! words to share may come with time. They may come when visiting with friends and then you will know what to write. If I were you, I would not wear those clothes for a while. I would need such a change. Amazing how well you two adjust to that lifestyle! I bow to you.

    • Tammie: Yes, the words will come. Those clothes are taking a well deserved rest in the corner, I am very much enjoying wearing my other clothes. Its refreshing to put on the different personalities of all my outfits. I am still not quite to the point of adjusting to that lifestyle as well as Bernie does, but I did much better on this trip than in the past. Really the only thing that I had wrong on this trip was a shoulder problem for most of the trip, my body is happy to not have the backpack on for a while. Otherwise I adjusted to just about everything else pretty well.

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