The End of a Great Pilgrimage

  Hi Everyone! Well here we are, at the other end of our great American Pilgrimage along the Pacific Crest Trail.  It’s such an amazing experience it’s hard to put into words in many ways. I’m glad I had the chance to hike it, and the passion and determination to finish it. This year it was estimated that 400 to 500 people started the trail with the intention to go all the way through, and I would guess that at the very most 100 will have finished by the time the weather makes it too hard to get through.

  The Pacific Crest Trail is such an amazing 2,650 mile cross section of the west coast. Every area is beautiful in its own unique way, and so very different. It’s amazing to me feeling the energy of each area and each different habitat. Each place speaks to your soul in a whole different way. And it’s always interesting to see what areas each person feels more at ease in. The goal is to be at ease in all settings, but usually we have climates and areas that we are more comfortable with. Over all I felt like I did better than in the past adapting to my surroundings, but I know I could have done even better. But it’s all a process.

  We took around 2,000 pictures along the way to remember our great journey. As I type this Bernie is uploading them to my computer to start working on them and picking a few of our favorites to make a slide show with and to share online. Sometime soon we will be able to show you the spectacular places we journeyed through. We looked through a few of the pictures the other day and its amazing to look back on the beginning of the trip. It seems like so long ago now, and many details have already blurred in my mind. It will be great to have the pictures to remember through the years.

  We started on April 27th 2009 at the Mexican border; we finished at the Canadian border on September 13th 2009 at 8am.  It really was a bittersweet moment. My body had become somewhat tired with the daily 25 to 30 miles, and was ready for a break. But when you spend 4.5 months hiking, it really becomes a lifestyle. It’s great to be immersed in nature on a daily basis, and in a different rhythm than how life is typically lived in our society now. So it is always a bit sad to shift the rhythm away from that again. And it’s always amazing the simplicity of hiking. All that you need is carried on your back, in a little backpack. It makes you appreciate how little we truly need. And of course you could do with even less than what we had.

  My fun and crazy story from the trail that was a side trip is this: When we got to Ashland (We stop at towns along the way to resupply and sometimes get a hotel room to relax and rest) I called my mom to ask her to look up prices on to see if we could find a better deal. She said “Why don’t you fly home for the weekend?” I was confused and a little suspicious. What it turned out to be is that I had an older Ford Explorer that had many troubles and was going to cost much more than it was worth to keep in good working order. My parents had been looking around to buy me a newer car, one that would be more dependable than mine. They heard about the cash for clunkers program (anyone that doesn’t know of it, our government was paying car dealers to give to buyers $4,500 per old car if someone bought a new car that got 10 miles per gallon better than their old one) , and were trying to surprise me with a new car. It turned out I needed to be there to sign paperwork since the car was in my name. So I flew back to Bellingham for 2 days to get my new car, a Kia Soul. I flew back down to Ashland and kept on hiking. This was exciting to me in many ways, but one of the main reasons it was exciting is because I have been working on manifestation techniques while on the trail. And I had been working on manifesting the Kia Soul because I loved how they looked, and they are supposed to be good cars; I really needed something better than my old car that was just getting too tired. I know many don’t really believe in the Ask and it is Given theory, but I swear to you it works, it has worked in many ways for me. Since we have gotten back to Bellingham I have really been enjoying getting to drive it around.

Cute Soul

  There are many great life lessons learned on the trail to bring into every day life. And as always I hope to continue the learning process through life. Every moment is a great adventure, if you don’t feel wonder with each moment in life its important to take some time and reflect on how you are experiencing this thing called life, and change things up until you are in awe with everything you do.

  I hope everyone has been having the most wonderful of summers, and I look forward to catching up with each of you! I have been inspired this summer to try some new things, as I play around with them I will let you know what they are and how they are going for me.



9 thoughts on “The End of a Great Pilgrimage

  1. Stacey, welcome back from this awesome adventure. I’ll bet it’s not easy to readjust being off the trail.

    So true that when in the Now we notice the difference in our connections to the various landscapes around us. And to be able to reflect later when images flood us with memories is a new Now that I totally look forward to seeing and reading about.

    Ah, so much left to learn. You are an inspiration. When I quit learning, I’m dead.

    What a great side trip to sign for your new car. We can manifest what we really need. Enjoy the new ride.

  2. Now that was definitely a great deal. How wonderful of your parnets to organize it for you. I think you are going to do many great trips in your car. Welcome back!! Hugs

  3. Hi Stacey,
    That is a wonderful gift, a new car, great color too! How wonderful of your parents to make that work out! Your hike sounds amazing! It will be fun to see your photos as you begin to share them.
    I will drive into Yellowstone today. Everywhere I go is full of beauty.

    • Gaelyn: It’s great to be back, but it is always a little bit of a challenge to readjust. I have been relaxing and not doing a whole lot the last couple of days. I think I’m going to start moving a little more and accomplishing some things. Life has some great things to learn doesn’t it?

      Joan: Thanks for the Hugs and warm wishes. I love my little car, and plan on it lasting me a good long time. I am sure it will take me on some great adventures!

      Tammie: It was extremely generous of my parents, and I am endlessly grateful to them. I too love the colour, its so much fun. I hope you are having a wonderful trip, and look forward to hearing about it.

    • Kim: Thank you. I hope to be sharing more soon, just need to sort through some pictures and decide what to share. Bellingham has its blessings, I just have a hard time with the cloudy winters……

  4. Manifesting is the best…..
    I find I must focus and let go….
    Your new car is so cute.
    I am happy you are home and planning for your tomorrows.
    Life is an everyday adventure. Having this hike in your cap will always give you the strength to finish and to begin again.
    Hugs and Namaste,

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