A Quick Update from Oregon

Greetings from Sisters Oregon! This is just a quick stop in at the library to catch up and say hello to everyone.

Well we are flying through Oregon, I can hardly believe it! We only have 5 to 6 days left of hiking in Oregon, and there we will be in Washington. It’s really amazing that we spend 3 months hiking through California, and then OR and WA take no time at all. I am really enjoying Oregon, we are back in the northwest for sure. We have been seeing plants that I am used to around home, and we even had a little bit of rain and some grey skies…… =)  I am really looking forward to exploring Washington from a new perspective.

We have been taking lots of pictures, and when we get settled back in we will be able to share our adventure through posting those. The scenery is so amazing, every area has such a different feel to it. Oregon has really beautiful mature forests that we get to hike though, and then all of the sudden the trees will break open and you will have a spectacular view!

I look forward to sharing some of our stories when we finish the trail, there has been some great experiences along the journey!

Well I am off to relax and enjoy the beautiful little town of Sisters! Have a beautiful rest of the summer everyone!!


6 thoughts on “A Quick Update from Oregon

  1. It is so good to hear from you again. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to you getting back and hearing of your experiences and seeing the pics. Hurry up now, we have been waiting long enough. 🙂

    Hugs to you both.

  2. Stacey, so good to hear from you. OMG, almost to WA. It must feel like coming home. And you’ll be done and there before we know it. So looking forward to stories and pics of your journey. Be well.

    • Gaelyn: It does feel like coming home. I really didn’t expect it to feel that way, just in the aspect that I really do feel that home is where the heart is, and I carry my heart with me. But I really find myself looking forward to moving into WA, and getting to explore it in a new way. Tonight I am actually at the Oregon Washington border, wow, Oregon flew by!

      Joan: It is great to hear from you also! Hope all is well with you, and look forward to catching up! We will really be done before we know it! Only 500 miles left….. wow!

  3. Stacey!
    I ran across your blog just now and wanted to say hi! Sisters is a very cute little town isn’t it? There’s this little huckleberry gift shop on the highway that has everything imaginable that is huckleberry.

    Now I’m off to bookmark your blog and sit back and wait for beautiful pictures to be posted of your journey!

    • Pamela: I am glad you found my blog! We really loved Sisters, it had a great energy to it, and was so cute! I look forward to sharing our photo’s of the hike, and hope to get the chance to talk to you some more. I always enjoyed our conversations at the craft shows! I hope you have been enjoying a great summer.

      Liara: Thank you for the warm and inspiring thoughts. It is an amazing journey, and one I am very glad I got to experience. I always look forward to the amazing lessons and experiences that life has for us.

  4. The nature of your hiking adventure is life-transforming. Learned of this overland experience through Bern. May the revelations continue to flow freely and easily as you shift cosnciousness and expand perception of what is.

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