Stormy Skies

The Storm Breaks


Our weather has been spring like for sure. Rain and sun, back and forth. The perfect mixture for the plants that are starting to come out. I took this picture one day last week. It had been raining all day, the clouds were dense and dark. Then the rain slowly stopped and the sun came out. I really love it when there are dark storm clouds in the background and the bright sunlight on the trees or hills. This particular day it made the pasture look so bright, and the trees were such a great emerald green.

Playing Around


I was having fun playing around with one of my photo editing programs. I liked the way this version turned out.


12 thoughts on “Stormy Skies

  1. wonderful images, i love messing with my photoshop programme, get a bit engrossed in it, mr o providing me with cups of t that i then forget to drink!!

  2. I do love the drama of a stormy angry looking sky. The weather here in the UK is beautiful for the time of year. We normally have ‘April Showers’ for most of the month. Mind you, we did have a fantastic thunder storm recently, our bedroom lit up pink with the lightning bolts.

    I would love to capture lightning in a photo…..

  3. Stormy skies can be very beautiful and dramatic. And when you get rain and sunshine together it always means there’s a rainbow somewhere around.

  4. I don’t know how I came to miss your beautiful skywatch photos. They have my favourite light, afternoon light constricted betwerr the earth and storm clouds, making for that particular glow in the air.

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