Life’s Tests



Last night I was sitting in bed and meditating, and spending a little time communicating with my guides. I was reflecting on the many ‘tests’ that we come across in our life, and the lessons that they teach us. I was pondering how to work through some of these tests also, because seeing to the other side of them while you are immersed in the midst of them can be challenging at times. As clear as could be an answer came through from my guides.


Remember, for every ‘test’ you encounter in life,

You have the answer sheet,

Because you wrote the Ciriculum.


So when you encounter a ‘test’ (challenge) in life, remember that we chose to experience the lessons in our life, to help us to remember our whole story. We use these lessons to reflect off of. If you feel lost in something, take the time to center yourself, and look at everything that is going on from another perspective. Try to see what is being presented to you at that moment.


8 thoughts on “Life’s Tests

  1. Nice to see someone else who recognises that we chose to learn from the lessons that life throws up at us. The sooner we realise this the quicker we get through them and the easier they are not only to recognise, but also to learn without having to repeat them.

  2. Sometimes I think the dog ate my homework. Then I take enough time to listen and many times the answer comes.

    I know what you mean about the grinding stones. I used to grind regularly with visitors at Mesa Verde. Then a metate and two manos came my way, and I treasure them.

  3. Perfect approach to challenging times (enriching times for soul)….these testing times are only meant to peel away some of the unconsciousness which lie deep in us…LIFE IS GORGEOUS….simply LIVE it fully :)…follow your bliss~

  4. Lovely Stacey and so simple.
    Powerful as well. Feeling the truth in something like this inspires something deep inside to relax, we can find the answer to take our next step. Be still, ask and and listen.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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