Recent Outings

Mount Shuksan

This first photo is from a trip last week (photo courtesy of Bernie). Bernie and I went up to the Mt. Baker ski area, and headed out on showshoes. It really was a beautiful day to be up in the snow. The sky was SO blue! And I got my first (although meager) sunburn of the year! I am so excited to have enough sun to get a burn. It was nice to hear the crunch of snow as we explored the slopes. Both Mt. Shuksan (the photo above) and Mt. Baker are spectacular from up there.


Little Bee

Yesterday we made our way back to the Chuckanuts (big surprise there!). First we hiked up to Fragrance lake. Its a great uphill climb, through a beautiful forest. It’s a good one for me to get in shape. It was a beautiful hike, but nothing inspired me to take pictures along the way. But when we got back to the car, this little guy was sitting on the passenger door, resting in the warm spring sun (This picture is for Joan, the bug lady). We all know what honey bees and bumble bees look like, but have you taken the time to get close to your flowers and look at all the different native bees in your area? I think it is something a lot of people miss. Last fall I had the honor of seeing the most beautiful emerald green bee. It was so beautiful! And I had never seen one before.

We then drove to larabee State Park, which was near by and walked down to the beach.


Red Flowering Currant

The Red Flowering Currants are still blooming in full glory. They really do add a beautiful burst of color to the countryside.


Natures Patterns

I love the patterns that the water wears in the sandstone along the shore. I really wonder what causes these little pits in the stone. Just a weak point that errodes out?


Enjoying the Beach

We sat on the rocks, enjoyed the view, and studied tide pools.



Sometimes the tidepools look back. This charming little fish was trying to get closer as Bernie took this photo. I think he liked getting his picture taken, cause all the other fish swam to their hiding spots. There were also two large Red Rock Crabs sitting in this little tide pool. We tried to take some pictures, but they just didn’t turn out. Its amazing all the life that can live in such a small pool of water.


Chuckanut Bay Marsh

We then drove down the road to a little mud flat/cove that we had not visited before (well, maybe I was there when I was young, I can’t remember). The tide was out, so it was a nice (although squishy at times) walk. We got to see three areas relativly close to each other, but different in feeling.


6 thoughts on “Recent Outings

  1. Oh WOW!! Thanks Stacey. It was wonderful of you to take that pic for me. It is an excellent one too.

    That red currant bush is SO pretty!!

    Please tell Bernie I can see his legs are not as hairy as he made them out to be in the moth post. LOL!!

  2. LOL, that’s for Joan’s comment.

    Mountains to mud. What a great adventure. I love the holey rocks so easily sculpted by nature. And that fish looking at Bernie is so cool.

    Great post. Glad you’re getting out there. Feels good doesn’t it?

  3. Breathtaking photographs! I love the picture of the water-worn rock – one of nature’s many works of art. I must confess, I never get too close to bees though – I have an irrational fear of flying buzzing things – as a nature lover, its very embarrassing!

    You get to explore some fascinating places – I love seeing and hearing about your adventures. The scenery by you seems to be on a completely different scale to around here! Our mountains seem like hillocks in comparison!


  4. wow what a fantastic place you live in. That rock was so eerie yet beautiful and the bee photo was so detailed even though i am terrified of bees and wasps

  5. Looks as though you had a wonderful outing. I love it when rocks get all holey like that. The flowers are lovely~ ah. And look at the smile that man is giving you, he must be happy to have you in front of him!

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