A Weekend Full Of Spring

Bellingham Farmers Market

 My Dad and I outside of the Farmers Market

This weekend finally felt like spring. We had REAL spring weather. Today it made it up to 68 degrees, wow!! And the energy felt like spring also. We got to do some fresh, new things. Saturday started out with my parents and I going to a  local car auction. It is a once monthly thing, and there are some great deals sometimes.

My car is on its last legs, so I am looking around for some new possibilities. Unfortunatly I have little money to invest in a new car, so I am looking for the best deals out there. I had my eye on a couple of the cars, but they ended up going for a little more than what I could afford. I think they were still a very good deal, but just not for me. I will most likely go again when we get back from our hike.

And then we went to opening day of the Bellingham Farmers Market. I LOVE farmers markets, as I have said many times before, so it was really nice to go and enjoy it again. Bernie did not have interest in the auction, so he met us at the farmers market. I got to visit with some people I know that are vendors there. Christie my good friend that I work for some times was selling her body products, and doing very well.

A Lovely Gift


Bernie and I went to visit Heather, the lady that made my purse (which you can see by going here) . She is such a sweet and loving soul, she always gives me a great big hug when I see her, and I barely know her! I can tell she is someone I would really enjoy getting to know more. We told her we are getting ready to hike the PCT, and she was very excited for us. Its always been a dream of hers to hike the PCT. She told us to chose one of her little pouches to carry with us on the trail, to put our things in. So sweet and generous! This is the one I chose, her new peacock design. It will be cherished, and well used!

My Little Brood


We have a hen hatching out chicks. What we have been doing with the chicks from the last hen and this hen is to take most of the chicks away as they hatch and raise them in the trough with the chicks that we bought. Then the last couple of chicks to hatch (they hatch over a few day period) we leave with the mother. We have been doing this because in the past when we have let the hens raise all of their chicks, things go well for about a day if we are lucky. Then a chick dissapears here, and then there, and over the next couple of weeks we whittle our way down to one or two chicks. So instead of loosing those ones, we are simply raising them ourselves, and letting the moms handle the number they seem to be able to keep track of. It works really well!

The Chick Circle


This lovely trio is the chicks that I pulled out of the nest today to join our growing group in the chick trough. They are sooooo sweet! I had them out in the lawn, featuring as models for an upcoming post. These are some of the behind the scenes photos of them snuggling with me in between takes. They really thought I was their mother. They were sticking close to me, and I could tap my finger around in the grass and dirt and they would run over to see what little snacks I had found for them. My family was making fun of me (in good nature of course) of my love for chickens. I am a bit lost on chickens….. oh well. How could you not love that?

Ooooh, Sun!


It was a very lovely weekend all said and done. Productive and full of fresh spring energy.


14 thoughts on “A Weekend Full Of Spring

  1. That’s so sweet when you tap your finger like a mother hen to teach them to peck 🙂 I’ve got chick envy!

    What breed are your chicks – they’re so pretty.


    • Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

      Magic Cochin: They are most likely all mixed breeds. We have quite a few different breeds of chickens, and they all mix quite happily. One of them has a small chance of being a pure cornish, but I would not hold my breath on that one. They are all banty chicks.

      Rebecca: I know what you mean. I love all the wonderful things that are there, its hard not to spend way too much.

      Tammie: Thank you, I need luck finding the right car. I am a little worried about getting a lemon, or a car that needs as much work as my current one does. But the auctions are the best deals, and with that is the risk also….. I don’t know the best answer.

  2. Hi Stacey, sounds like a great weekend. Those chicks are SO cute. It looks like they enjoy it when you hold them. 🙂

  3. I don’t blame you for having a thing about chickens when you have chicks are cute as that! They are so adorable!

    Glad you had a great weekend – I love Farmers Markets too – I always end up blowing my food budget though so have to limit my visits…. 🙂


  4. Stacey, so glad spring energy has come your way. Felt like summer here today.

    Sorry no good car deal, seems wise to wait until your return.

    Farmer’s Markets are great. The bird pouch is adorable and so are those little chicks. How could anyone resist?

  5. Ahhhhh those little chicks are so cute. I love them all cuddled up in your hands.

    Wishing you the best in finding the right car at the right price! I sure don’t enjoy buying cars. Always nice to have someone along that knows cars well and then of course to have a mechanic go over it and give the thumbs up. I once bought a lemon…..

  6. Those chicks are so pretty, seems a touch careless of the hens to lose their chicks at such a rate but I suppose there are lots of dangers and even more predators where you are than here in UK. I’d love to visit your Farmers Market, I go to the one where my friends live in NH when I’m over there and they are so interesting – more so than the ones over here which generally seemto be just food. Or maybe I’ve just not been to the right ones:)

    • Rowan: There are some preditors around here, but more so what happens is that our hens are free range, and after being on the nest for so long they get excited and run all over the place, they just flat wear their chicks out. For the first few days the chicks need frequent rest, and some hens just don’t seem to understand that….. funny girls. And then sometimes weather is a factor also, it can get a little cool this early on. But for preditors, we have had rats take the chicks in the past. Thankfully we got the rat problem taken care of, but that was a long process (especially when your neighbor doesnt do anything about their rat problem).

  7. Such cute chicks, just adorable! Sounds like you had a great weekend and what a lovely pouch that Heather gave you!

  8. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! good luck with the car hunting – my wee car gave up not so very long ago. Those chicks are sooo cute!!! am prodding daughter to finish building the hen house!!!

  9. I love your chicks, i have had the best fun with mine in the last few days since they were born, they are really like babies arent they? eat, sleep and poop non stop

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