Back Into The Chuckanuts

Another outing to the Chuckanut Mountains. This is the primary place we have been going for our hikes lately. It is one of the nicer areas in Bellingham. It has some nice trails that wander through the woods. We ended up doing a loop trip, up to Lily lake and back.

Red Flowering Currant


One of the first things we came across was a few beautiful Red Flowering Currants. I love these plants in the spring. They are one of the first flowers to come out, and their color is so fresh and vibrant. Many of them were just budding out, so I have lots of great color to look forward to for a little bit from these jems.

Natures Love


On our way up my attention was grabbed by a pair of trees next to the trail. Some times trees will grow very close to each other, but usually they just grow straight up. These trees looked as if they were truely in love. You can’t see very far up these trees in the picture I took, but they make one complete twist around each other. Now perhaps I am just projecting, but they really seemed to have an essence of love to them. Ah, they made me smile and feel all mushy inside.



When we got up to the top, there was snow! Snow? Yes, it seems that winter does not quite want to release its hold. We keep seeing fresh snow on our foothills. Neither of us expected to make it up high enough on this hike to hit the snow, but alas we did. It was actually fun to crunch around in the thin layer of snow.

Mr. B


Here is Bernie enjoying the snow, and protecting his beloved camera from the inclement weather (it was hailing just a few minutes before this shot). Can you all tell I gave him a haircut recently?

A Wee Little Waterfall


On the way down we came across a little waterfall. There were actually a good hand full of them on the way down, but this was one of the more enjoyable ones. I am drawn to the waterfalls lately. They are a peaceful place to linger for sure.

Another enjoyable outing into the Chuckanuts. Plenty of uphill for getting in shape, and just as much downhill for an easy glide down.


18 thoughts on “Back Into The Chuckanuts

  1. What a lovely place for a walk Stacey. It looks like you and bernie were really enjoying it. Many years ago I found a tree that had also twisted itself around another but they are not easy to find. I liked the moss on it. It is the time of year when everything is going to start blooming. How pretty it is all going to look.

    • Joan: These types of trees are a fun treasure. It is exciting that the flowers are starting. I LOVE flowers, they really make me feel wonderful.

      Arija: Thank you. It saves so much money doing your own cutting, its great! This area really is beautiful, the hard part for me is the number of people. The ‘nature’ of this area is so raw and beautiful, but then there is so much private land that it makes it really hard to access nature.

      Ruthie: Thank you, my photography is an always changing form of expression. I am slowly learning my own style with my camera. I am the same way, I love to stop and look at things.

      Rebecca: I’m so glad I could inspire you! I hope you have a wonderful outing, enjoying everything nature has to share with you!

      Frances: Thank you for stopping by my blog. My guide book says that these currants are edible, but they are incipid. I think most wild varieties of currants aren’t as tasty as the domestic ones.

      Sherry: You share such loving and caring words. I really appreciate your kind comments! I always think its fun to see pictures of people here in blogland. It’s interesting to see if my imagining of them was anything close to the truth. I know what you mean about your camera. I really don’t like having mine out in wet weather. They become such treasured little friends, you want to protect them at all times, so they will last as long as possible. Thank you for visiting!

      Erin: Thank you for visiting! They were a fun little treasure to find….. and I really think they called out to me, because I was daydreaming, and not really focusing on anything. All of the sudden I found myself completely focused on them. I am glad they wanted to share a moment with me, and then I was able to share them with everyone here in blogland.

  2. Another wonderful posr and walk. I’ve just cut the Prof’s hair too. It looks quite similar in style with a bit more salt in it.
    Beautiful part of the country you live in with wild flowering currants and lots of waterfalls.

  3. I so love you photography! noticing all the little changes as the seasons progress is a fave of mine when out walking – i bug t others though cause i am constantly stopping to take pics! those trees are amazing growing so entwined, sweet. oh now i am in need of a good brsik walk, but stuck inside the office (and the weather is gorgeous out there!!).

  4. It looks like a beautiful place to walk – the Red Flowering Currants are gorgeous – such a pretty colour. It’s so wonderful to be able to get out and about in nature and watch the seasons change. In fact, you’ve inspired me, I’m off to find out my maps and plan a route for us to walk this weekend….. the garden will have to wait!

  5. Hi Stacy, what a beautiful spot. And good for Bernie protecting the camera. He has his priorities straight. The waterfall was wonderful, I love them too. Can those currants be eaten?
    Frances at Fairegarden

  6. Dear Stacey,
    Such a lovely hike! I know these two trees share the essence of life, love! You and Bernie are beautiful people! Nice to put a face to your name and your voice. (I only imagine what your voice sounds like; sweet and lifting of spirit!)
    I was concerned about my beloved D300 when I was in the temperate rain forest…I would not take her out. LOL!

  7. Hi Stacey,

    That looks like an incredibly beautiful walk. I love the contrast between spring and winter. And the trees were gorgeous. I believe they are in love. 🙂

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve just popped over for a look and love your photos and adventures.

    What a surprise! I love the WA coast – after a holiday at Sooke Harbour on Vancouver island (you MUST visit!!!!) I looked across the Straits and wanted to explore there too. A few years later we went back and explored around the Olympic Peninsula. What a beautiful part of the world you have on your doorstep 🙂


    • Magic Cochin: Thank you for visiting my blog. Vancouver Island is a very beautiful place. I have not been there for quite some time, I will have to make it back up there one of these days for sure! And thats great that you got to explore the Olympic Peninsula. That is another spectacular area around here. The rainforests and mountains are beautiful.

      Vegetable Heaven: Thank you for visiting my blog. And thank you for the kind comments on my photos. I have fun with them.

  9. Hi, my dear, the flowering blossoms make me yearn for nearby buds to fatten and open… Your woods look so familiar through I’ve never been there…

    and That’s the way I carry my camera too always handy and it works..

    Looks like a great haircut.. I think you are a natural… I do all the haircutting round here too.. I like it… Luckily I have some willing victims..
    Nice to see your two smiling faces…
    Ah love lives in the rapt trees.. supporting each other all this long time… Lovely!

    • Gwen: Yeah, I have done Bernie’s hair for the last 7 years. It saves quite a bit of money. My $20 set of clippers has more than paid for themselves! Our cameras are always carried close and personal, we have never had a carrying case or anything for them.

      Tammie: Your comment made me smile. I love the Ooh la la’s! The magic of the internet never ceases to amaze me, we are able to meet so many wonderful people from far off places, and get to know them so well, without ever seeing them face to face. I look forward to getting to meet you one of these days though. And we want to see a picture of you one of these days! 🙂

  10. So fun to see pink flowers! ooh la la!
    and intertwined trees, ooh la la again.
    Lovely to see the two of you, amazing to meet the spirit of you two before we see one another. Well I have seen a few photos of you two on your blog, still each time shows something new.
    Oh and waterfall too, ah!

  11. Hi Stacey! I’m sorry not to have left all the comments I’ve been wanting to leave you the past couple of weeks. I have been enjoying what you have written and loving your photographs!

    Your trips sound so amazing. So energizing, spiritually as well as physically.

    I want to share this with you…

    Where I grew up in Scotland, I was taught that streams and waterfalls were ‘thin’ places. Places where the veil between our world and the world of the water spirits was translucent. Not only that, but at certain times of the day and month (at dusk, at midnight and always during a full moon!) the veil was lifted completely. I wasn’t allowed near any natural watercourses at these times.

    I was happy to be kept away too. The story goes that if you find yourself by a waterfall or stream when the veil has lifted and you sit for a bit, quietly. You will hear, in the distance, on the very edge of your hearing, music being played, and tinkling voices laughing and singing. Before you know it you are dancing, laughing and singing with the spirits of the water. Forgetting your world forever.

    As a grown up I can hear and enjoy the water spirits (water sprites!) without being lost to them. I think it’s down to being too tall now.

    … hope you don’t mind the long comment. Your experiences of being near to waterfalls inspired me to tell you about the water sprites. 😉

    warm wishes for your happiness Stacey,

    • hen: Of course I dont mind the long comment. Its a very wonderful and heartfelt story that you shared. I love this, and it makes sense for sure! I have heard the same type of tale for other fairy folk. Be careful if you find yourself in a fairy realm, because they could draw you in, and you will not be able to find your way back. It was good to hear from you again! And thank you for the warm wishes, very sweet! Bernie enjoyed your story also.

      karen: Nature calls us in different ways at different times. Once you get your garden pulled together, I am sure you will get the chance to go out and explore in a different way.

  12. Oh what a beautiful place, I can see why you return there. Im quite jealous of your outings, pleased for you both of course but I just feel like I could do with getting out and about after seeing all the lovely photos of your trips and hikes. The only being-in-tune-with-nature moments for me lately have been digging up weeds!!!

    Still, I can always return here and view your photos and read about your adventures 😉 xx

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