Wash Away the Old

A Peaceful Waterfall


I was practicing a new exercise the other day when we were out for a walk. We came across a waterfall, and I employed it in a cleansing meditation. I could clearly feel the energy of the waterfall flowing down through its little channel. So I asked the waterfall to bathe me in that energy and help to sweep away old aspects of myself that are no longer serving me. Old thoughts, fears, beliefs, and emotions. I could feel the fresh energy flushing through my system, sweeping out little bits that have been holding on for much too long.

The visit was much too short, and my mind did not stay clear nearly long enough. I feel I should make another visit to a waterfall, in which I could sit for a few hours and delve into an intensive meditation. There is a great energy surrounding waterfalls.

Another brief meditation I did on that same walk was at sunset. I sat down and looked toward the sunset, and then focused on the meathod. It was a technique that Bernie read in one of his books not too long ago. You imagine a gold orb over your head. You ask all your bits of energy you have lost in the past and future to come back to you. Often you will have images of places, people, events, and more flash through your mind as these lost aspects of yourself start to stream back. You call them into the orb over your head. When you feel that you have called back as much as possible at that  time, you allow the golden orb to crack open and pour over you, cleansing your chakras, and filling you up with all that wonderful energy.

I know I have much more energy to call back to myself. But when I finished my meditation I felt very good. My energy level was quite improved. This was an exercise that I should do much more often than I have been, until I feel I have recalled all those little lost aspects.


13 thoughts on “Wash Away the Old

  1. THis is a lovely photo and looks a tranquil and beautiful place. I have never been succesful with deliberate meditation, my mind never seems to be able to empty. On the other hand I do sort of disappear inside myself and lose track of time so maybe that’s a similar sort of thing? Perhaps also I’ve always tried indoors, maybe what I need is outdoors which is where the ‘disappearing’ always happens.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a beautiful waterfall…takes me back to the falls we discovered hiking in the PR rain forest while we were on vacation, so pristine, we didnt want to leave. Nothing is like forest and flowing water to nourish the soul. An excellent book on the restorative and balancing properties of wildness is ‘Last Child in the Woods”.

  3. I can feel the power and renewal that come with both of these meditations. So simple and so profound. Thank you for the inspiration. I feel happy for you in having these experiences!

  4. Waterfalls are such wonderfully meditative places – they always succeed in making me feel a deep connection with the natural world. We are lucky enough to have a small waterfall close to where we live and I love to take the baby there to watch and listen to the water.

  5. I understand perfectly what it means to be out simply observing the world in quiet meditation. It puts me back in touch with what is real.
    Love the composition..the color..the flow of this image. Truly wonderful. You have a wonderful blog. Will be sure to visit often!!!

  6. Oh Stacey, what wonderful experiences you bring into your life. The waterfall would be very powerful energy. Isn’t it loaded with negative ions? A great way to cleans.

    I too have tried Bernie’s suggestion with the golden orb and find it invigorating as I feel my energy levels soar.

    BTW, Berta and I had a grand time. Now I’m recovering from her cold.

  7. I enjoyed this post for several reasons but especially because of some ideas it gave me – I am working on letting go of some ‘stuff’! Also, thank you for having a read of my blog – there cannot be any better connection than Hen.

  8. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments 🙂

    I also love waterfalls. There is definitely a special feeling that surrounds them.
    You have a wonderful blog here, I shall be returning again! x

  9. reading your post is a meditation in itself just as is your photograph… this is good… cleansing the soul… a deep breath… calmness flowing over one… as restorative for the mind as a good night’s sleep …

    … Thank you!!

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