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Many of us set New Years resolutions, but find it hard to stick with them. Perhaps one reason for this is the energy at the time of year we do this. Even though we consider New Years to be a new start, energetically I think the first day of spring is a much better time to set new intentions.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, new growth, and fresh energy. What better time to chose to shed something old within ourselves, and bring out a fresh new part of our souls. Don’t we all feel energized and refreshed as spring starts to roll around?

One example that many of us identify with this time of year is spring cleaning.  I believe this is very symbolic of what we are really trying to accomplish. When we clean up our surroundings we are trying to clean up ourselves. By uncluttering our living space, we are uncluttering our mind.

So this spring, as you find yourself energized and buzzing around with no particular direction, take a moment to stop and reflect. What does your soul really want to accomplish this spring? It might be something small, it might be something big, and it might be all kinds of things. Don’t let anything overwhelm you, just let your soul tell you what it wants to do. Maybe even take the time to write everything down, just so you can come back to this later, and see what you have accomplished. You may write down tasks and projects that you want to do in your outer surroundings, you might write down tasks and projects you want to do on a spiritual/internal level.

When you have a list, what ever size it might be, what ever might be on it, take a moment to really study what you have written down. Is there a theme? Is there something that has been calling to you for years, and you keep making excuses not to do it? Is there something that has just seemed too overwhelming, you just don’t know where to start?

Pick one thing off your list to start. Now take on this task like it is a fresh little seed within. That seed has been nestled within you, as if it has been within the earth, all safe through the winter. Now the soft warm spring sun is gently warming the seed. You feel a slight stirring (this is your item you want to accomplish). Now you can start nourishing this little seed so it can sprout and grow strong. You can start out with the basics. If it is something you have never done before, nourish it by doing the research you need to do. Now that your seed has set out its first little root, it pushes through the surface. You have started to manifest it! Your soul is happy, your little seed is quickly growing into a plant. It is being bathed with the warmth of joy within your soul. Before you know it, your seed has matured into a beautiful plant (what ever plant speaks to you the most, or what ever this item most seems like).

Is it a plant that provides you strength and shelter for many years to come? Is a plant that will die off at the end of this season, but has provided you with a large harvest to nourish and comfort you? Is it a plant that has simply surrounded you with beauty? Is it a healing plant that cleansed your mind body and soul?

Every task, project, or activity draws us for a reason. We are here on earth to learn. So don’t deny yourself the lessons you are longing to learn. If something is calling to you this spring, its a seed within that wants to burst forth and experience this world!

6 thoughts on “Fresh Beginings

  1. I seem always to have a list, and it feels really good to cross things off. Yet during winter, the list grows longer. And come spring, I finally grow with it as I energetically bloom.

    But literally cleaning house, that’s going a little too far.

  2. I never make New Year’s resolutions because like you, my year begins with spring. Then, I dont make resolutions either as I want to experience each day as it unfolds and cannot wait to see what it has in store for me. 🙂

  3. this is such a lovely way to think about spring – with so much new life to wonder at and admire, it really does seem the perfect time to assess what we want to accomplish, change or renew. A beautiful photograph too – I could look at it all day…… although baby small might object 🙂

  4. I don’t really make resolutions either. The main thing I strive for is staying in the NOW. Pretty much everything I want happens then.

    • Joan & Erin: This is very true, the NOW is the place to be. But even within the NOW we can have resolutions, such as to resolve past/present issues. Its a re-solution, when one thing is no longer working for us, we forgive it and it is solved, within the NOW. Resolutions come in many forms.

  5. This is an astounding post! You’ve really hit the nail on the head with resolutions being in spring. I agree – the energy is all about renewal and growth. In January, it’s cold and dark.

    Today, I made a resolution that I wanted to learn more chi gong in order to teach. I have wanted to teach chi gong or tai chi for a few years now, but have not even begun. Now I will begin. Just as my flowers are poking through the ground, I will begin nurturing my little seed.

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