Little Puffs of Joy

We have a hand full of hens sitting on nests, but we had two that we werent sure when they started, and so not quite sure when they would hatch out. Last night doing our rounds with chores, mom and I decided to go check on these two.

These two hens are  “Margie” and her daughter from last year. Its almost like when Margie decided to start a nest, the daughter just followed along because she wasnt sure what to do.


Getting the Hang of those Legs


Well as the chicks started to hatch out Margies daughter decided to abandon her nest a foot away, and come sit on top of her mom and the chicks. When we showed up on the scene the chicks were getting a wee bit too much love from two overly hormoned hens. I love chickens to death, but there are a few times that I really question their intelligence. Well I peeled Margie and the babies out from under the other hen, and put them in a cage for a couple of days, until the other hen hatches out whats left of the eggs, and then maybe everyone can head outside together.

It NEVER works having two hens sitting together. The reason these two got away with it is because there is a small group of chickens that do not live in the chicken house with the rest of the flock. They moved into our horses (Foxy) mini barn. Its a one stall barn with a little side room for hay storage. So we call them Foxy’s chickens. This winter when there was snow on the ground, and the chickens refused to go outside, these guys would get in Foxy’s grain bin and eat their share of her food. I am not sure Foxy was overly thrilled with the set up, but the chickens sure liked it. There are 10 hens and one rooster that live out there. Anyways, I digress.




The chicks are so darned cute! Little peeping puff balls. Hopefully they will do well, we are not completely done with our cooler weather, so this is probably a little early for them. But if their mothers don’t act too stupid, they should do fine.

We should have some more from one of the other hens in a few days!! Couldn’t they stay small and fluffy?


13 thoughts on “Little Puffs of Joy

    • Arija: I am not sure why I didnt think of responding to say this before. We teach ours to drink out of water bottles (like what a rabbit drinks out of). This way they are not making their water all dirty, and they can’t drown in it. It works really well. All of our chickens are trained to drink from the bottles. When we have them out in the chicken yard (when they grow up) they do have a regular chicken waterer that they drink out of, but if we have to put them in a cage for any reason, they remember again right away how to use the bottle.

  1. Hello hello and thank you for visiting me.. what a marvellously lovely blog you keep.. I shall return. Sending bests to you from the house on wheels

  2. Ooh they are gorgeous. We are hatching our first ever eggs at the moment and cant wait to meet the chicks.
    I have added you to my blogroll if thats okay with you, id like to follow your chicks story.

    • beingmaisie: Have tons of fun with your little puff balls! Chickens really are a hoot to raise. Such great personalities. Of course it is fine you added me to your blogroll, I am always honored when someone enjoys my blog.

      ruthie: Oh fun! How many chickens are you planning on getting? I look forward to seeing some pictures of your coop when it gets built!

  3. So very sweet, i cannot wait for ours. Plans for the chicken coop now underway. Exciting!! have bribed daughter who is a carpenter, in to build it, fab.

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