Strike A Pose

Time for another Chicken post. For a lack of anything else to take pictures of around here, I went out and did a Chicken photo shoot the other day. Some of them really liked to pose for their glamour shots, and others were a little more shy about the whole process. This is just a small selection of our collection of Banty Chickens.

I know most people are used to the full sized chickens, but if you have never had the chance to live with a Banty I highly recomend a little chicken friend. They are just as good at laying eggs as the regular sized girls, sure their eggs are a wee bit smaller, but you just round up for your recipes. To me they seem to be a little bit cleaner than the big girls (smaller bottoms, smaller poo). Don’t get me wrong, I love all chickens, but there is something so cute about these little guys.

It’s taken me a while, but I finally picked a name for my favorite little rooster. Buddha. He is such a zen little guy (most of the time, he has his moments with some of the other roosters), and he is so round, it seemed like the perfect name for him. Look at those soulful eyes….. he will just look at me like that when I am out talking to all of them. He likes to stay close to me while I am wandering around the chicken yard, but I can’t say its his favorite thing to be picked up. He tollerates it, but is quite happy to get back on solid ground, and away from the crazy lady holding him and telling him how cute and handsom he is.

Buddha Posing

Buddha Acting Shy


And then this adorable little lady is Muffin. I named her that because of her muffin top head. She is rather shy over all, and does not come very close to me in general. She seems to know I am not a great threat, but it might be a better idea to keep some space from the lady scooping up chickens to oogle them. I have always loved her colors, and her little hat that wobbles around as she turns her head to look at this or that. Isn’t that expression adorable looking out from under her hair doo?



This little lady is one of last summers chicks. I love the genetics project that happens out in the chicken yard, with the different varieties that cross together to create some really beautiful chickens. Both Muffin and this hen are crosses. This lovely buff lady does not have a name yet….. any suggestions? She is quite shy, and did not know what to think of this person following her around clicking away.

Buff and Beautiful


11 thoughts on “Strike A Pose

  1. I love Muffin. 🙂 What a cute thing!! We used to have bantams too when I was a child. The one used to hate me and chase me up the washing line pole where I would sit and scream for my dad to come and rescue me. LOL!!

    • Joan: I love your story. Its tragic and funny all at the same time. At least you had a safe place to climb to! LoL. My parents say that when I was a little girl we had a full sized rooster that like to chase me and hit me in the chest, so he was given to my uncle who thought he could tame him down, when that didn’t work he became fly tying material (feathers)….. Oh well, at least he had a use in the end.

      Gaelyn: Sunset is a very beautiful name for her. She does look like a sunset….. I have always loved her colors.

      En: Thank you for the nice comment, and visiting my site. Its always good to see some new faces in the comments.

  2. Love your chicken pics – Muffin is indeed beautiful! Mom and i are setting out on the adventure of becoming proud chicken owners and after looking at these guys i am even mmore excited. As for a name Meegan (gaelic meaning soft & gentle) came to mind . x

    • Ruthie: Congrats on becoming part of the chicken world. They really are fun little friends to have around, and they provide fresh nutritious food too. Meegan is a very lovely name! I like the meaning. Thank you for visiting!

  3. You have a beautiful blog! the photos of vistas, chickens, the dog… the thoughts about your walking/hiking trip.. wonderful.. so much to see.. I will need to explore more!!!
    thank you for the visit.. I am very glad to meet you!!!

    • Gwen: Thank you for the visit, and the very kind words. I’m glad to have found your blog, and to meet you also.

  4. Gorgeous pics and chooks, very very smart looking birds but I simply love Muffin!! What a beauty 🙂

  5. Love your sharing and pictures. I love chickens! I know that my mother’s family had them growing up and mom was just terrified of the roosters! My friend has hens she raises for eggs and they are so lovely. They respond right away to kindness and follow me around her yard. Love that.

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