Up and Down Weather

Our weather has been a bit up and down lately. I know its all part of the shift between winter and spring, but it keep catching me off guard. Perhaps a bit of the reason is because of our month spent down in California. We were immersed in the begining of spring while we were down there, flowers were starting to pop out all over the place.

We drove back up to Washington the end of February, the day after we got back it snowed about 4 to 5 inches. It took it a few days to slowly melt off, but since then we have been in a cycle of rain and sun, a little more rain than sun. But it has been getting a bit warmer, we even had a couple flowers pop up in the yard. I was getting all excited about spring, and then it surprises me again!

I woke up to snow this morning…… It’s a swift reminder that we aren’t quite out of winter yet, and probably to get me to enjoy what winter has to offer. This morning it was slightly challenging to want to go out and do chores, but once I got out there, moving around it was just fine. I moved a little faster than I might usually, getting things set up for the cold windy weather. The chickens however thought that the weather was less than desireable to come out in, and requested that I close their door as I left. So I did.

I came back inside and finished working on a shopping bag I started the other day. It is the same style and fabric as the bag I gave away during the bloggy giveaway. It felt good to get  it finished. I am not always the best at finishing a project I start, something I have been working on. By finishing a project, I clear space in my mind to start on something new and fresh.

This afternoon the sun slowly burned off the clouds that had been spitting snow all morning long. With the strong energy of the sun, the snow slowly began its surender. As if the snow knew it has few opportunities left this season, in this area. We gave the chickens a second chance at the out and about thing for the day, and the sun made the snow much more appealing aparently. This is one of my new favorite chickies. She was hatched out by incubator last September, so she is still rather young. She is a silkie cochin cross, so she has those big brown eyes from the silkie, and the cute bowling ball shape from the cochin. I really should come up with some cute name for her, any ideas?

Little Black Hen

After following the chickens around with a camera for a few minutes, Bernie and I decided to go for an outing. We headed to Hovander Park for a walk/jog along the river. It really was a beautiful day, the chill air was extremely refreshing. We are trying to get out most days to get exercise in my quest for getting in shape for the hike. Again this includes the mental aspect. And so today along our walk, we spent some good time coming up with mantras and intentions for me to practice for getting rid of the tensions in my body.

“If a man’s mind becomes pure, his surroundings will also become pure”

11 thoughts on “Up and Down Weather

  1. This is just the time of year when one has to watch that you do not get sick. At least it must be slightly warmer if the snow melts again, so soon it is going to feel like California. 🙂

  2. Our weather has been pretty much the same, except that no further snow has fallen. Its been sunny and mild and then cold, rainy and wintery, bitterly cold sometimes. The daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops help to keep things cheery though.

    Your new little black hen is simply gorgeous! For some reason the name ‘Lace’ sprang to mind. Whatever you eventually name her will be just as pretty as she is im sure.

  3. We’re a bit north of you, here. It’s been mixed rain, snow, sun – mostly chill though. My tulips are poking up, but will need some good warm days to spring into being fully.
    Your little chicken is a beauty! First name that popped into my head was’Pants’, then ‘Poodle’, as she has a groomed chicken-poodle look. You’ll probably come up with your own perfect name for her. G

    • G: Very cute names, its funny you say poodle, because my mom has a poodle…. I think its a theme.

      Karen: Lace is a very cute name also. She does look a bit lacy.

  4. Cute chickie. I immediately came up with Miss Molly. I’m looking forward to spring too…I need to finish up my garden.

  5. The transition between winter and spring is rather shifty. Have hope, spring will come. Good for you getting out to exercise, even in the cold. I too have problems finishing projects.
    Cute chicken. Pomp.

    • I should do a weekly chicken naming contest. I would take all the names and put them in a hat and name the chicken what ever I pulled out. We have quite a few chickens, so we could do it for a while. Its fun to see what names you all are coming up with. I think they are cute!

  6. There is no mind, there are no surroundings, just interconnection. This is how i perceive being in the moment, breathing in the awareness of this living interconnection and breathing out letting go of perceptions of self and other. It’s that, that gets me up mountains.

    However… it’s not helping me make my decision about when to get my first chickens! Now or next year!?! 🙂


    p.s. that chicken is lovely. Looks like Queen Victoria to me, beautifully dressed in a victorian frock, with kind eyes!

    • Hen: Oh you will love chickens. They are such kind little souls. I know most people get full sized chickens, but I would highly recomend Banty’s. Yes, you get a little bit smaller eggs, but you can just use more eggs for your recipes. To me they are so much more cute.
      And you are very right on being in the moment. I find it hard to quiet my mind, which is something I need/want to work on. I do not slow down and focus on this goal long enough. Unfortunatly I tend to get lazy about things….. one of my pitfalls to accomplishing tasks.

  7. Oh, I’m getting some serious chicken envy now! She looks beautiful! I’m afraid I’m not very imaginative when it comes to names…. we call our cat ‘catty’ most of the time (although she does have a proper name – artemis – catty just seems to suit her more!) Perhaps, in keeping with my uninventive naming habit, I should suggest Henny…..!

    • Rebecca: Thats about how I am with names. I know I have said this in past posts, but we have two black cats named “black cat”, and a dalmation named “Dotty”. Oh well, it makes it easy to remember. I want my mom to name her next cat “Mandu” as in Cat Mandu….. hehe. I heard it on a tv show, and thought it was very cute.

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