Return to Semiahmoo

Yesterday we spent the afternoon on Semiahmoo Spit. We had a beautiful sunny day here, and it was so nice to get out and enjoy it.  Semiahmoo is a nice place to go to enjoy wildlife and scenery. Bernie had an enjoyable time taking pictures of the many different birds.

Our first stop was on the pier next to the resort. Its a good spot to get out closer to the sea birds. They have a few benches along this area, I found one in the sun, and sat down to enjoy a book I brought along. A couple moments later Bernie told me to come look at something, and there swimming along the survace of the water was 3 flounder type fish. We had never seen them near the surface like that, it was fun to watch them swim/glide. And then one of them did a series of underwater loops, and they all dove. Another fun observation to add to this lifes experiences. I got to enjoy a little bit of my book as Bernie took pictures.

I have started re-reading “Mending the past and healing the future with soul retrieval”. This is a very good book for helping us to find and release old wounds and thought patterns that are detrimental to us in our lives now. I have been thinking of reading it again for a few years now, and just have not gotten to it, so now I will. The author, Alberto Villoldo, spent over 25 years studying with the Amazon and Inka shamans. He created the Four Winds Society, at which he trains people in the practice of energy medicine and soul retrieval.

Mt. Baker from Semiahmoo

We then decided to go for a walk along the spit. We started down the east side of the spit. They have worked on the trail/park since the last time I was there, putting in a couple of structures, a few benches, paving more of the trail, and some free viewing scopes. Canada is on the other side of the bay, so with one of these viewing scopes you can see people walking along the beach up in Whiterock Canada.

The tide was out quite a ways, and along one of the rocky beaches the sea gulls were pulling up clams, and then they would fly up in the air and drop them on the rocks to break them open. They were pretty good at this game. Bernie got some fun poses as they were taking off, hovering and diving (he posted a couple on his blog ).  As we continued on we had an enjoyable walk, stopping now and then as Bernies new camera got to click away.

Thats Canada in the Background

In two different places I left a couple felted acorns, with a little note, for anyone to find and enjoy. I hope they brought a smile to someones day. As we were about to leave the light got quite nice shinning through and under the clouds. I took a few photos, but they were nothing compared to how briliant the sky got on our drive home. Unfortunatly there was no longer a nice background to take the photos then.

Late Day Colors


10 thoughts on “Return to Semiahmoo

  1. You know, I love your felted acorn gifts….left to a complete stranger in the hope of making their day. Always makes me smile when I read this on your blog. Great to see you back in blogland and to read how your trip is going. Great photographs xx

    • Thank you everyone for the kind comments on my photography. I have had fun with the acorn gifts, I would like to sit off to the side some time and watch someone find them, just to see what kind of reactions they have….. I dont know if the people finding them have nearly as much fun as I do putting them out there, but hopefully they do.

  2. It sounds like the two of you had a lovely day, interesting as well with the birds busting open dinner, sounds like a lot of work to me. Your acorn gifts sound like so much fun. I can see why you enjoy doing that. Must be great fun to find as well. Sweet dreams,

  3. hello stacey!

    Synchronicity!! I’ve been toying with the idea of addressing a few issues that I feel are helping to hold me back in my spiritual practice. I had decided that I was going to explore the way of the Shaman. My pagan roots have kept that awake in me. However I didn’t really know where I could get trustworthy material to start my quest. I’m just off to find a copy of the book you have mentioned. THANK YOU!

    A very good friend of mine, who I introduced to the mountains and countryside of Britain a few years ago is from Whiterock. We explored many of the ancient and energetic spirits of the old pagan places over here. Although we are no longer in touch, you mentioning Whiterock along with Shamanic practice has helped to cement in my mind that that is the direction I am going to go!

    I am so excited by this! Thank you Stacey and thank you for your gorgeous photography!!!


    dear oh dear, I’m going to have to go for a long walk before I pop!

    • Hen: I am so glad that I talked about that book when I did. I think you will really enjoy it. The way of the shaman is very grounding and soul based. Its one of many wonderful ways to explore yourself, and it can help to give another perspective on our spiritual practice. Good journeying in the Shamanic world!

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