Point Reyes Outing

Point Reyes Views


We have a few pictures from our trip to Caliofrnia that made it, because they were still on the camera when the computer crashed. We just uploaded these ones from our trip to Point Reyes. It was a beautiful visit. Point Reyes is such an amazing area, because there is really not much development, you really would have no idea that you are so close to San Francisco. If I were going to live anywhere in the Bay area, Point Reyes would be it. I think the only downside to the area is that you are right on a fault, could make it a bit interesting now and then.

But look at those views, each part of the peninsula varried in its appearance. And its always fun to stand on a beach looking over the Pacific Ocean. It was really nice to watch the waves break on the beach. The color of the water was so pure, and the power that each little wave released when it rolled into the sand was great.

At this moment I lack the words to really describe our trip there…… I suppose I am in more of a visual mode than verbal for now. So I will let the pictures speak for themselves as I reflect on our day in this beautiful place.


Crashing Waves


8 thoughts on “Point Reyes Outing

  1. What a beautiful photo of a crashing wave… makes me want to be right in there, no matter how cold!
    So sorry you lost your photos. Our computer crashed a couple of years ago but I was so very lucky that the computer guy was able to put our motherboard (?) in his thingie (?) and retrieve our photos… all of them… we lost their names but I cried when I saw that he had saved the beautiful, memory laden photos. So, you must be feeling very sad… so sorry.

  2. Those waves are powerful. And the image is awesome. So glad some of the pics from CA made it. Maybe the others are hidden in the computer somewhere.
    Pt Reyes is amazing. I haven’t been there in, way too many years.

    • Gaelyn: Thank you for the kind words. Pt. Reyes is a great spot, so different than the areas around it. It always makes me wonder what San Fran would look like without all the people there.

  3. Such beautiful images of that California coast, my home land. The ocean shot may be one of the best I have ever seen! The light in it is amazing. Thank you for taking me home.

  4. I never knew California looked like that! It reminds me of our Cornish Coastline. So incredibly, wildly, beautiful Stacey. 🙂

    • Hen: Yeah, California has some amazingly beautiful areas. I really like the Northern California Coast. Once you get north of the big cities there are some really quaint and beautiful little towns along the coast, and some amazing scenery. Bernie and I hiked about 3/4 of the California Coastal Trail, from the Oregon Border to Santa Barbara. Another spectacular area is the Big Sur area, I bet you would love hiking through there.

      Tammie: Thank you for such a kind comment on my picture.

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