Greetings Blogland!

Hi everyone.  It has been a while! Sorry for the lack of updates. Well the weather continues to be rather wet around here. We did have a couple of days of dryness though. That was nice. We got to get out and stretch the legs a little bit.

Last Wednesday Bernie and I went to the free day at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. When we got there mid morning the line was sooooo long, we decided to go take a walk through the park to pass some time. We walked along a few nice paths and made our way down to the beach. Its always nice to see the Pacific ocean, and the waves crashing against the sand. We had a nice little walk in the sand, watching the surfers trying to catch the waves (they weren’t the best quality waves for surfing, at least they didn’t seem to be, but what do I know…) And then we sat on a nice little bench looking over the beach and ate our lunch that we had brought along.

We made our way back into the park and decided to give it another try with the line. It was shorter this time, and we only had to stand in it for about an hour…… Free day is VERY popular aparently, probably because it cost $25 per adult per day to get into that place normally. Thats sooooo expensive, especially if you had a family. It was a fun experience over all. The aquarium was pretty interesting. They had a few very large tanks, and then many smaller ones with all kinds of different types of habitats and creatures. We didn’t make it into the Rainforest dome, because there was a large line for that, but it looked pretty interesting from the outside. Thei other exhibits weren’t too bad. Although I do have to say, I was excited to see their Penguins, but VERY dissapointed when I actually saw them. They had those poor guys in a dispaly that I thought was much too small, especially since they had about 10 animals in there. I felt so sorry for them. I have a real hard time supporting places that do that kind of stuff. A few of the tanks in the aquarium were much to small for the animals in them also. Oh well, its only expected with something like that I guess.

And then the last two days we have gone for hikes in the hills, to help me get in better shape, and to enjoy being outside a little bit. Yesterday was quite the workout for me, there was one hill that the trail went pretty much straight up on. My legs feel it a little today for sure! But it was nice. There was some ridge walking, in which you got expansive views from.

Unfortunatly we have been getting very few pictures, either because of rain, or grey days. We did find a hummingbird on a nest a week or so ago, and if we happen to get a sunny day before we leave for Arizona Bernie wants to try to get a picture of her. She was quite cute, the nest is barely large enough for her to stick in.

We are planning on leaving for Arizona the begining of next week as long as everything goes right. The weather has been warming up and drying out there over the last week. It will be nice to get into some real sun! And then we should be able to get some nice pictures! Hopefully there will be a few more dry days this week, so I can go up and down a few more hills to get back into shape, so I’m not huffing and puffing each time we have to climb a hill on the hike.

Hope all is well for all my blogland friends. I will try to make it into libraries now and then while we hike, so that I can do updates on our trip. I wish I could share pictures along the way, but I will at least try to share some of the best when we are all done.

6 thoughts on “Greetings Blogland!

  1. Hey! Glad to hear from you and that all is well and your enjoying your time together. I would love to see a photo of the hummingbird, they are so stunning.

  2. $25 a head is outrageous, even for a good museum. Glad you had the patience for free day. Of course many of our National Parks also can cost up to $25 to enter, maybe cheaper if you’re walking, or free if you have one of the park passes.
    A train to Tucson should be interesting. I can see you walking up and down the aisles to stay in shape Stacey.
    80s today and tomorrow in Phoenix but still snow on the mountains.
    Be careful and have fun out there.
    Look forward to seeing you somewhere along the trail.

  3. It sounds as if you are keeping busy in the meantime Stacey. During winter we do tend to relax and then have a hard time getting those muscles into shape again. Thanks for giving us an update. Warmest regards to you and Bernie.

  4. Hi Stacey! It was good to hear from you! I feel the same way about zoos and such…I really don’t enjoy going because the animals look so sad. What a great adventure you are on now!! Good luck with building up your muscles for hiking! 🙂 The train ride sounds fun.

  5. Nice to hear from you! If you do not get to get in shape as much as you would like, you will on your long hike! Can you take your hike at a pace that feels right each day? That little bird nest sounds amazing. I wonder how you even found it!

    Zoos are hard for me too…

    wishing you lovely days~

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