Crazy Times

Can you all feel the crazy energy that has been surrounding me lately? Well yesterday we did indeed pack up the car and head toward Arizona. BUT…… When we reached Bakersfield, we were really getting dumped on with rain, and thus the mountains we were about to cross over were getting dumped on by snow. Sooooo….. We had to turn back, the pass was closed.  So here we are back in the Bay area. We have decided to stay for another two weeks, and take the train to Arizona.

The storms that have been hitting here have also been hitting Arizona, and where we start out is slightly higher elevations. So it will be good to start in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this weather will calm down a bit.

It is strange to get yourself into one mind set, all ready for an adventure, and have it change all of the sudden. I really  hope to get the chance to come into the library a hand full of times before we leave in a couple of weeks, so that I can see what everyone has been up to.

Thank you as always for all your kind words. It’s amazing the warmth that I feel each time I log onto my blog and read the kind and beautiful things that everyone has writen!

5 thoughts on “Crazy Times

  1. Sorry you had to change the plans, but I believe it was a good choice. You’d be in snow a lot. Have fun at the Bay. Hope to hear from you in blog land, or otherwise.

  2. It is always interesting when plans change like this. Anything can happen now, but this is always true. I still like the idea of the two of you putting a book together of your adventures. You could write it as you go. You could tell tales, hand the book over to Bernie, he could share his poetic insights, slide in drawings an photos. Sorry, no pressure. The two of you have so much talent between the two of you. I suppose it is not always easy publishing a book though.
    Thank you for your care about my treatment. I am half way through and sense this is a good thing I am doing for myself. Very uncomfortable, but good.
    Looking forward to the unfolding of your tale.

  3. Oh gosh!! But don’t worry, your delay means we see a post from you, so we dont mind at all. LOL!! The weather here is juct as bad with the worst storms I have ever experienced. Last week one wallwas swept away down the road and there were brick laying 3 blocks down the road!! Enjoy yourself Stacey and give Bernie my best too. I am sure things will soon clear.

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