More Electronics Problems

Well, my time in blog land might become even less for a little while. Not only did Bernie’s camera crash last week, but his laptop just crashed last night. It is sooooo frustrating when things like this happen all at once. I hope to get another laptop soon, but Bernie is quite discouraged that this has happened to his electronics all at once……

So I will hopefully be making it into the library every now and then to drop in and see how everything is going. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and I hope to visit you all again soon!


6 thoughts on “More Electronics Problems

  1. So sorry to hear about the technical problems. I thought I’d go crazy for 5 weeks last summer when my puter crashed.
    Libraries aren’t too bad, not as convienent as home.
    But hey, you’re on vacation. You can live without it all. But please keep taking photos, and maybe journal the old fashion way. I do that every day.
    Stay happy, in the now Bernie.

  2. Oh dear, its awful when these things happen while at home let alone while on holidays. Hope Bernie has not lost his photos.

  3. Fingers crossed the photos can be retrieved.

    Take heart in the fact that you both have it in you to experience fully your surroundings and each other. It is a gift that not many have and that at times can be forgotten.
    Blogging and what-not can be very distracting, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise!

    Perhaps you are both being freed to share this trip in a different way. Already it has made you write a beautiful piece of descriptive prose, that carried me along on your journey. I love photographs, especially yours and Bernie’s, but I also love to take my time savouring words carefully chosen by someone sharing a memory or thought. Seems to linger, be less momentary, be more personal.

    Saying all that, it is a bummer when you get hit by things all at once!


  4. Oh this is all so sad and yes I am sure frustrating. I hope your electronics come together soon, as I am sure I am not the only one that enjoys a glimpse into your wonderful world. Still libraries are wonderful! A big hello to you and Bernie.

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