We Made It!

We have made it to California! We left yesterday morning at about 7:45 and drove right on through, stopping only for gas and rest stops. 16 hours later, here we are! I am still a little worn out from the trip yesterday. Mind you, its very easy for me, Bernie does the WHOLE drive. He amazes me some times, once he has a goal, he accomplishes it.


Today we spent some time settling in. We did a nice walk along a shoreline trail here on Bay Farm Island. Bernie’s camera died a couple days before we left Washington, and so he is borrowing my camera for now. He ordered a Canon 50D, which will be an upgrade from his last camera. It is being sent here to his parents house, but it looks like it will be a little bit of a wait for that one. So I might not be getting many pictures to share over the next few days. Bernie is always offering my camera back to me, but he gets so much more joy and bliss out of taking pictures than I do, I want him to enjoy every moment of being down here in the sun.


Bernie got some nice shots on our walk today. He should be posting some of them over the next few days as he gets them.


It is very nice to be in the sunshine. I hope to soak up as much as I can. We are supposed to have sun for the next 7 days, and then possible rain showers. Hopefully even the rainy days will have the sun peeking out now and then.


We will be spending some time traveling around to different parks in the area for Bernie to get photographs, and then we will be making a few trips into San Francisco to do the whole tourist thing. Bernie is very patient following me around to the many different shops while I browse. Shopping is not his favorite thing in the world, so I am always very grateful when he is willing to keep me company while I look around.


When we are in this area we always go to a few local botanical gardens, so I am looking forward to those outings! It’s always great to see all the different plants and flowers. I do hope Bernie’s new camera shows up soon though, so that we can both enjoy the photography world. I really do feel bad that his Camera gave up on him when it did, because the main reason for the road trip was to get to sunshine so that he could take pictures.


The dial up connection here is even slower than it was at my parents house, so unfortunately I don’t believe I will be able to make it around to many blogs. This makes me very sad, but it takes forever to load each page! So I apologize now for neglecting my friends out in blog land. We do hope to make it to the library or a café now and then to use high speed once in a while, so that we are able to catch up a little. But for now, my thoughts are with all of you!


8 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. I hate it when this happens!! I type out this long comment and when I submit it, it bombs out and I have to re-do it. !! Grrr!!

    I am glad you made it safely although it was a long trip and I am sure the state of the roads at this time of the year did not help anything either.

    By the sounds of things, you are planning to visit some lovely places and I cant wait to see the pics. Bernie, I hope you get your camera soon.

    Enjoy yourselves and take care.

  2. Do hope his camera arrives soon. Meanwhile enjoy the warmth and think of ussweltering here today at 44.5C!!!! It was still 36C at 7pm. our second day in the forties, to-morrow will be even hotter with a blanket fire ban for the whole state. The earliest we cn hope for lower temps. is towards the end of next week.

  3. So glad you arrived safely. I can’t drive like that any more. Give me about 5-6 hours max, and that with a lot of stops. Sure hope Bernie’s new camera arrives quickly. You both have a different eye that is unique and wonderful.
    I do sympathise with your dial-up. That’s why I spend so much time online. But don’t worry about us bloggers. Although I miss you.
    Have fun, be in the now.

  4. Hello,
    Sounds like you are having a lovely road trip. Sunshine is nice in the middle of winter and as you head south, I would imagine more warmth, though you never know at this time of year. We have had some sunshine lately and I gobble it up. I just walk around smiling because the sun is out, there are patches of blue sky lighting up the wold. Lovely. Wishing you a wonderful trip.

  5. Oh gosh – 16 hours – I was exhausted by our 5 hour trek down from Cumbria (but then a grumpy baby doesn’t make the best traveling companion!) Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay – must be lovely to see a bit of sunshine!

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