Finding Relaxation

A Peaceful Waterfall


For Christmas I bought my mom The Secret Daily Teachings, which is a desktop daily note pad with a page for each day for one year. I was flipping through hers and really was enjoying the messages enclosed within. She took hers to work, and so I went and bought myself one. I have been trying to keep up with it, reading a page a night. So far I am doing well. I am on day 11. I think some of these messages are very important, so I thought I might share them on here once in a while.

If you happened to miss the mass phenomenon that was “The Secret”, let me share the base idea. It is based on the Law of Attraction. This is a concept that I find very important in my life, and am working at embracing it more fully. There were mixed feelings on the secret when it came out, because the manner in which it was presented was rather material. “If you change the way you think you can have money and things”. This is one small aspect of the Law of Attraction. I personally believe the reason that it was presented in this way is because, our society is so focused on money and possessions. Most people are much more concerned with their promotion, or the bigger house than working on themselves. And so by putting the concept of Law of Attraction out there into the world in the material aspect it would attract the attention of many more people than if it was just sent out there as another spiritual/new age message.

No matter how an idea/belief is initially introduced into our programming, once we accept it, it will spread through our being. This can be good, bad, or just be; depending on what this idea/belief is. People will slowly let the Law of Attraction flow into all aspects of their life, and find that not only are they wealthy in money but also in love, dreams, experiences, etc.

So today’s daily teaching is:

Here is a simple, powerful process that you can do every day to bring yourself into positive harmony with the Universe and the Law of Attraction.

Sit down comfortably. Notice how you are feeling, and now relax your entire body. When you have relaxed your whole body, then relax some more. Now relax even more. And relax it more! Repeat this deeper relaxing seven times, each time relaxing as much as you can. When you have finished, notice the difference in how you are feeling, compared with how you felt when you began.

Now you are more in harmony with the Universe and the Law of Attraction!

Very wise words. We do not realize how much tension we carry around in our bodies on a daily basis. We get so used to the pain and discomfort it is just part of life. It doesn’t have to be. That tension is a sign that we are not being completely true to ourselves in one aspect or another. When you consciously melt away the tension like this, your body starts to remember what it was like to not be in pain. And you will naturally release stress from yourself. So now I relax….. and relax….. and ahhhhhh…….


10 thoughts on “Finding Relaxation

  1. Ha Ha I found you!!! in my tag surfer…..
    I didn’t realise you had you own blog, because your comments aren’t linking back to your site; it’s something to do with how you are logged on in WordPress

  2. When you hand over your fears and anxiety to a higher power, you shed the tension and that power can then arrange things to the greatest good pf all concerned. Works every time, no matter if it is about finances selling or buying your house or personal matters. even if it seems that something went wrong in the system, wait and it will be showwn to you to have been the right thing at that time!

  3. I am one of those people that some call a ‘born worrier’. I worry about everything and I mean everything! This of course leads to stress and very painful shoulders and neck muscles. I try to meditate or relax as much as possible, but I probably should do it more than I do.

    This is why our garden smallholding, chickens and vegetable growing is so so important to me. It brings me back in tune with the real world and nature. When I am in tune with the soil, the sun, the sound of bird song it helps me forget about the hyped up, hatred, materialistic and stress filled world that everyone now accepts as the norm.

    Ah, I feel better now xx

    • Yes, I have been quite a worrier also….. this led to stress and anger, which led to Migraine headaches because of the tension in my shoulders and neck. I have learned to tell the signs of when I am getting too worked up and my body is getting more and more tense, and then how to relax it. There are quite a few books that I have read over the last couple of years that have helped me a lot in learning to just relax and not worry about needless things. I always love to share the books that have been an inspiration to me if you are interested at all.

      I understand completely what you mean about gardening and the chickens. That is how I feel about gardening and crafting. It helps me to disconnect from the mind chatter some, and I just feel peaceful doing both activities. Hiking is also nice for me some times, just to get out in nature and enjoy its beauty and peace.

  4. There’s been a lot of talk about tension lately. I want to let the arrow go so the bowstring can relax again.
    It is rather sad that this “secret” would be an inticement for money and goods instead of frame of mind. With the last can come the first, if that is the intent.
    I like the relaxing idea.
    I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, so if you ask for something, it will come. Law of Attraction.

  5. Thanks for this. In this day and age we forget how important for us to take time to relax and just enjoy what life has to offer. Work hard but take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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