Along the Forest Path

Yesterday’s adventure was a hiking one. Lately when ever the sun has come out we have either gone to Hovander park, or Boulevard park. Yesterday the sun came out, but I felt like doing something a little bit different. So we made our way to the Chuckanut Hills. There are numerous trails snaking their way through the hills, giving us quite a few options. We started off without a map of the trails, just a general idea of where they went and met up.

enlightened moss

Along the trails/paths it was all shade, because of the trees. But you could see the sun streaking along the tops of the trees, and every once in a while there would be a gap large enough for the sun to make it to the forest floor. I love this quality of light. It makes what ever green item it hits glow against the dark background.

all lit up

The farther back we got on the trail, we found some snow still on the ground. I was quite surprised to see this, as I have not seen any other patches around town for quite a while now. But it gets so little sun back in there between the trees and the hills blocking the sunlight.

Lost Lake

Our trail came to an end at Lost Lake. I am not really sure why they call these lakes in this area, they are so shallow they are really more like big ponds….. But it was still fun to come across this, tucked back in the valley. We stood there for a few moments to rest and soak up the scenery. Then we made our way back. When we were almost back to the car we saw a little group of kinglets flitting about the brush, looking for bugs, and we also got to see a couple of winter wrens. I love all these little birds, its amazing how agile they are.

Over all we hiked about 9 miles yesterday. We haven’t done that in a while, so my body is feeling it today. I like that feeling of muscles being used, and stretched in ways they haven’t been for a while. It was a nice outing.


10 thoughts on “Along the Forest Path

  1. Lots of trails to wander in the Chuckanuts, so quiet and serene. That first shot looks like moss. It does feel good to hurt a little from a good hike. I’ve been pretty lazy lately with no excuses like bad weather. It’s been nice and warm.

  2. Your photos really are breathtaking and are helping inspire me to get fit enough again to be able to get out into nature for a good walk. It’s been too long.

  3. What a fabulous outing! That first photo of the moss is stunning.

    Getting out and about is so uplifting isn’t it? It makes me feel alive and feeds my spirit. It’s wonderful to be able to share in your adventures and see these amazing photos. Thanks for sharing Stacey!



    I’ve written a really ramblingly long reply to your comment!!

  4. Hello Stacey. I have been trying all day to get to comment on your and Bernie’s blogs but our server was down so I had to wait to get home as I use a different one here.

    These are wonderful pictures and it look like a fantastic place to hike. I went away over the weekend but I go so slow because of my looking for insects, that I only manage to cover a few miles at a time. Just as well, or else I would have aching muscles too. LOL!! Soon it will be summer again by you and I am sure you will be getting out more than now. I am sure you are both looking forward to it.

  5. I am wandering vicariously through you. Thank you for the hike. Here it is snow, winter and gray until today! I was so happy to see blue skies. Snow against blue is exquisite. But back to your post, just lovely the mosses and hints of blue sky through the forest and water that is not frozen. Lovely.

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