Natures Simple Beauties

On Friday we woke up to fog, but as the day went on the sun slowly started to break through. We decided to go on a little photography adventure, and soak up the sun. We went down to Boulevard Park, and started wandering to see what we could find.

Natures Stained Glass




I was enjoying exploring along the shore, because the tide was out a bit. The tide line along this park isn’t packed with huge varieties of life, but there are little treasures to be found. I lifted a rock and a bunch of little crabs scurried about. I found some shells; I thought these two were beautiful.

There is a little coffee shop in the middle of the park, so I ducked in there and got a couple warm drinks and wandered down the boardwalk looking for Bernie. I found him taking pictures of a Blue Heron. We enjoyed our little warm up and slowly made our way back toward the car. The sun was creeping lower and lower on the horizon, so we decided to stay and enjoy the sunset. It wasn’t a grand spectacular one, but it had its gentle beauty.

A peaceful sunset


Scenic Sunday

15 thoughts on “Natures Simple Beauties

  1. Your photos are really beautiful and that sunset…oh, so stunning. I spend a lot of time in Anacortes and am always amazed at what beautiful sunsets we see over the San Juans. There is a beach at Washington Park called Sunset Beach. Perhaps you’ve been there. It is the ideal place to catch the sunsets…hence the name, I guess. Enjoy the beautiful PNW. Hi from California.

  2. It is wonderful to see beach images and sunshine. You captured the shells in beautiful light and that sunset is sweet. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  3. Hello Stacey. Nice to chat to you too. I dd not realize who you were when you left a comment on my blog and I keep on meaning to ask Bernie if you have one too. I loved the piece on Daily Reminders. These things are so important.

  4. Beautiful photos (as usual!) – I love looking for shells and other treasures too. The ones you found are lovely and so beautifully photographed too. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

  5. I love the way you’ve captured the light shining through the shells. It really is the simple things that nature has provided that are the most beautiful 🙂

  6. Stacey these photos are just beautiful. That looks like it was a special sunset to me, it’s amazing what watching through a tree does to a moment isn’t it?


  7. Gorgeous photography x A day spent photographing natures treasures is simply wonderful, something I also enjoy very much. Great stress buster too !


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