Felting Photo Shoot

The Happy Family

Here are my latest needle felting projects. I am really enjoying making little creatures out of felt, and I hope to get more creative as time goes by. Don’t they make fine models? They enjoyed their outing to a park in Lynden to get photographed. They were hamming it up in front of the camera, quite the characters.

Bluebird of Love

I did this Bluebird of Love first. I saw other people online that were doing different birds and such, so that sparked the idea for me. I thought about some of my favorite birds, and I just love the colors of the blue birds. It’s probably my favorite out of these three, I think its too cute.

A Cool Blue Penguin

Then I went to a local class and did the penguin. I didn’t want to do the traditional black and white, so I got a little creative with my colors. I think she is quite cute in purple and blue.

A Fine Rooster

The last one is my rooster I finished the other evening. He was an original idea, which I am quite proud of, because there are many times that I feel like I am not being creative, and just copying other peoples ideas. The more I can come up with my own designs the more unique and cute they will be I think.

I am signed up for another class in a couple of weeks, at which we will be making sheep. That should be a lot of fun, because I have a big soft spot for sheep. These little guys are a great project to do in the evening while sitting in front of the tv, or just relaxing listening to some good music.

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23 thoughts on “Felting Photo Shoot

  1. Your felted feather friends are fantastic! I’ve been waiting for them. I LOVE your rooster. His colours are so… rooster-ish – great choice. His tail is so cool.
    Like you, I am loving being creative and am also venturing into original ideas. It’s so much fun.
    I finally got my ‘Hand-made Christmas’ post up tonight, with photos showing the felted christmas dolls, gnomes, tree, toadstool, balls, etc, I made my kids for Christmas.
    Thanks for your comment about my felted sheep… it was my first comment, ever… such a thrill!
    Enjoy making your sheep at your class and be sure to post a photo 🙂

  2. Hi Stacey,

    Thank you for visiting my blog! These little felt animals are so cute! I especially liked the rooster with his plumey, feathery tail!

  3. The jaunty rooster is brilliant! The gallumphing yellow legs and feet balance him out fine visually. I can almost see a complete henhouse and yard with a variety of chicken types – is it possible you’ll become known as the Famous Chicken Lady? G

  4. I love to hear what everyone likes, it sounds like the rooster has made top of the class so far. Thank you for all the kind comments.

    geogypsy: I will have to give a go on the javelina, I think they are cute, and that would be a fun project. Thank you for the idea! I always love inspiration from anyone.

    suburbanlife: I think you are right, I think there might be a chicken collection coming on….. I am crazy about them after all (its kinda strange I know). hehe, chicken lady maybe, but famous? dunno.

  5. Stacey!! They are just wonderful! I love them all, but my favourite is the rooster. I can’t believe you would consider yourself as not being creative?!?!?


  6. My favorite is the rooster as well (but then I am particularly partial to my chickens :-).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It is fun to ‘meet’ other Pacific Northwesterners!

  7. They are gorgeous! I love the rooster 🙂 Your photos of them are simply brill. I look forward to seeing the sheep next.
    Karen x

  8. These are the most adorable cutest creative little crafts!You are gifted! I am amazed how each nature lover has their own authentic way in expressing their appreciation of Natures gifts.
    You amaze me and I LOVE that little blue bird with heart! NG

  9. I had a brief go at felting the other week, now I can’t wait to give it a go myself, I’m a bit of a brooch junkie, that’s the direction I’ll be heading…. with some beads and shiny threads

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