Beauty in Everything

Cotton Clouds


Its been raining and raining here, which is just part of life in Northwest Washington. Sometimes it is hard to appreciate the rain when you have been immersed in it for days. So I went digging through the picture archives on the computer and came up with this one. This is to remember there is beauty in everything. This picture was taken a few years ago by my dad. Most of the time our clouds are just a flat sheet of grey extending across the sky, but every once in a while they work themselves up into something special.

To see more beautiful skies visit:

sky watch friday


26 thoughts on “Beauty in Everything

  1. That is the coolest looking cloud formation. Never seen anything like that! Your dad did a wonderful job taking that picture. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. This is an amazing shot – when the page loaded and I saw those clouds, my eyes got big & my mouth dropped open! Very Very Cool Shot!!! Kudos to your dad!

  3. I love that shot especially those clouds. Wow! Was a big storm coming? I like how the barn is lit up with sunlight. I spend a lot of time in Anacortes and have been to Bellingham, which I found to be a really fun and cute town. I love the sunsets I see on Fidalgo. Nothing like we have down here in the SF Bay Area. Happy Friday!

  4. The sky is an everchanging visual feast. The combination of light, weather, implied motion and actual shift in forms gives something unique to look at and to connect with what we experience so intimately as a biological organism. I am constantly blown away by the richness to be seen and understood. Travelling to far way places seems unnecessary when there is this kaleidoscope of possibility. breathtaking photo – your Dad must have instantly realized the uncommon appearance of such cloud formations. G

  5. I wish you could send the rain to me, not only my roses are dieing now but so many trees as well. 5 years of drought is truly enough, we don’t need the biblical seven.
    Your father takes a really great photo. The clouds are spectacular indeed!

  6. Amazing clouds – don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like them! You’re absolutely right though – there is beauty in everything. Lovely post.

  7. I was hearing about all the rains in your area, hope you are not getting flooded like so many others. The picture is stunning, I have never seen clouds look quite like that before, thanks for sharing.

  8. Sometimes we seem to forget looking at a beautiful view because we are busy doing other things..I guess we just have to spend time everyday to be thankful for all the blessing and for the beautiful things around us just like the picture above! 🙂

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