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When we are trying to incorporate a new point of view/thought process into our lives, it’s important to have daily reminders of what we are trying to accomplish. This is a central point to many of the different books I have read over the last couple of years.

Every thing we do/think/say is part of our programming. We pick up programming from everywhere, our parents, school, society, friends, etc. When we become aware that we are stuck in a program that no longer serves us in how we want to live, we need to reprogram ourselves. This starts with identifying the aspect we would like to let go of, and figure out what we would prefer to have in its place. An example that many people might be able to identify with is worry. Fear is a highly utilized manipulation in our society, so it is easy for us to get swept up in worry. Ok, so I want to ease out of worry in my life and bring in confidence and calm.

The first step is to acknowledge when you are feeling worried about something. Don’t punish yourself when you become aware of it, simply note that you are feeling that, and replace it with a more confident, positive thought. The more you practice this, you will find yourself doing less of the thing that you would like to experience less, and more of what you want. Now one of the best ways to help with this is to have a daily reminder. It can be a little note that hangs in a place you look often, it can be a bookmark that says something profound applying to your situation if you read a lot, it could be so many endless things I can’t even begin to list them here. What ever it is, you will know if it helps you!

Two of my most powerful daily reminders is two rings that I wear. It’s the only jewelry I wear most of the time. They are simple, but pretty. When I saw them I knew I had to have them. The one I wear on my left hand says “life is good” and the one I wear on my right hand says “do what you love” on the outside and “love what you do” on the inside. This ring was the inspiration for my blog title. Sometimes I only see their message on a subconscious level, but most days at least once I really do stop and focus on the words inscribed on them. These words are endlessly important to me, because my main goal in life is to enjoy it! This can be hard to do once in a while, we all get wrapped up in our own personal drama, or outside drama. But if we have that daily reminder, it makes it easier to come back to the place that we want to be as the world swirls around us.

So find that item(s) that does it for you, that thing that really speaks to you. So that every time you look at it you get that deep down feeling that you are reading one of the sacred truths in life.


6 thoughts on “Daily Reminders

  1. I just couldn’t agree more. Thich Nhat Hanh calls these ‘Mindfulness Bells’. I have a ring that my partner made me that has the mantra for compassion on it. That is my Mindfulness Bell and helps to bring me back into the moment.

    Beautiful rings and beautiful sentiment.


  2. wonderful words of wisdom
    i used to wear a black bracelet i made
    for me it was symbolic of stillness
    quiet within each moment
    to listen more than speak

    i think the words on each of your rings are wonderful daily messages

  3. What a great post! Thank you. I can picture those rings on my fingers also and to tell the truth I will probably begin to look for them. Love your blog as well as your outlook. Please stop by
    Psyche Connections and say hello. We may have some interests and philosophy in common. I would love to exchange links with you if you are interested

  4. Hi, i came across you over at Silver Apples of the Moon, and have just read your beautiful post – I so agree with your words. Such a beautiful idea too, wearing your rings as constant reminder. My own blog title “5preciousthings” sprang from my own need to re-programme, slow down & take notice. I started to note 5 precious things that occured each & every day. It has worked for me, perfectly. Thank you *ruthie*

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