More Hovander

Hovander Big Red Barn

Bernie overlooking Tennant Lake


A Cold Stacey (me)

Here are a few more shots from our adventure to Hovander Park the other day. This barn is an amazing thing to stand next to. It’s so large, and they have taken such good care of it over the years. Bernie did a little research on Hovander, and the Barn was finished in 1911. Bernie also did an entry on our visit there, he got some beautiful shots of the barn, if you would like to see them visit his blog:

Bernie's Blog

To see other peoples worlds visit:

my world

17 thoughts on “More Hovander

  1. I’m glad everyone enjoys the photos. There is something about a nice red barn that everyone identifies with in one way or another.

    geogypsy: that photo of bernie feeding the bird is from a few years ago up near Mt. Baker. That was a fun snowshoe trip.

    hen: thank you for the kind words!

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