A New Craft

Filled with sewing stuff

Needle Felted Pin Cushion

I have to confess, I am a Martha Stewart groupie. I watch most of her shows, and while I zone out once in a while at what she is saying, I learn new stuff pretty often. I record her shows on my DVR, and currently I am a little behind, still on the pre Christmas shows. So this project I just accomplished was one of her ‘make it yourself gifts’. She did a cloth pin cushion on top, but since I have been playing around with needle felting I thought I would play around with some ideas. So this is a little sewing kit made out of a canning jar. It’s a wonderful idea because all your little sewing supplies are in one spot. You wouldn’t believe how often I end up searching all over the house for each little piece. I made this one for my mom, because her items are never in one place. I plan on adding to the sewing kit. What I have in it so far is some thread, a measuring tape, and one of my felted acorns to hold the sewing needle. I am pretty pleased with this one as a first time try, but I think I could make the felted part a little more refined.


10 thoughts on “A New Craft

  1. What a fantastic idea! You kit looks great – I love the felted pin cushion part. I’m yet to try needle felting but it’s on my list of ‘things to learn’. It’s a very, very long list!

  2. WOW – most enjoyable blog and work.
    Love that cabin in the middle of nowhere, such scenes to be had.

    Thanks for the kind comments on the Gull n Boat.

  3. A nice idear, i have a massive sewing basket but the glass jar is great, you can see what is in it. I would add some all purpose thread, a small pair of scissors and some buttons.

  4. Thank you all for the very kind comments.

    Hen: The felt is simply attached with hot glue. Since it is a canning jar the lid and ring are seperate, so I also glued those together, so that the whole lid set up comes off all at once.

    Arija: I think you are right, those would be great things to add. I was also thinking maybe safety pins. I am sure there are many clever little things that could be included.

    Kityboo: I highly recomend needle felting, its a wonderfully simple craft, and I love the things that you can make with it. I tend to have a short attention span on crafts, so anything that is too involved gets dropped to the side some times, needle felting is almost instant gratification.

  5. What a pretty gift for your mum! I love the little jar you have used, and such a good idea. All my sewing kit is in a sweetie tin !

  6. What a fantastic idea. My needle felting to date has been dolls, gnomes, fairies and toys for my daughter (I have photo’s posted on my blog). But I have yet to needle felt something for myself… I think a little sewing jar is just what I need. Thanks for the idea.

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