Clear Chilly Day

Chilly Hovander Park


This morning I pulled myself out of bed to another grey day, and shortly there after a bit of snow started to fall again. Ah, another day in the house staying warm, I thought to myself. But leave it up to our crazy weather lately to prove me wrong. An hour or so later blue started to break through the clouds, and before I knew it, it was almost clear out. So Bernie and I headed off for an adventure. We went to Hovander park to see what we could find as far as wildlife and scenery. Unfortunatly for Bern there wasn’t too much wildlife, but there were some nice scenery shots. And it was just so nice to get out and enjoy the sun. I am going to put up some more pictures from our outing once I get them worked on. For now, I have this one of a frozen slough/pond.

Hovander is an old homestead, and every time we go there I always spend a little bit of time reflecting on what it was like for the people that used to live there, and work the land. It’s a very beautiful farm, with this HUGE red barn (which I will post some pictures of in the next couple of days). I spend a lot of time day dreaming really….. and I love thinking about the simplicity/complexity of living off the land. There is a very large part of me that would be very content settling down on a farm and raising most of my own food. At the same time there is another large part of myself that is very grateful for the technology we use on a daily basis, and the freedom to go explore when and where I want.

For more sky shots visit:

sky watch friday


17 thoughts on “Clear Chilly Day

  1. You are a gal after my own heart! I also prefer to hibernate when the winter days are grey..I eventually head for the sun in AZ to catch the rays so vital to good moods.
    Yes a patch of land out in the woods growing my own sounds like the perfect life for me! Nice meeting you through sky watching !
    🙂 NG

  2. Beautiful photo! What a area you live in, just gorgeous.

    I understand completely the question of whether to tie yourself down to caring after land and animals or keep yourself free to move around and explore. I’m in that inbetween place at the moment. I took the step of buying the land to live my dream of farming and basketry, but I can’t seem to bring myself to actually start doing it because as soon as I start that’s it! No more disappearing off to the hills when I feel like it, no more weeks of spiritual retreat, there’s work to be done!

    Hard decision that.



  3. wonderful!! i love those shrubs with the red bark – dogwood? – but they really addsome colour to the shot – and the intense blue of the sky!! with just few puffy clouds on the horizon
    thanks for sharing!!

  4. Exceptional shot and beatiful place. Can’t wait to see more. Some of the best places I’ve visited are old, and sometimes still working, farms. Even FWS gets into that when land is donated.
    Glad you got sunshine, hope it lasts. Although your winter shots are nice to see, from here, where it’s semi-warm.

  5. Very nice shot. It is full of wonderful wintery colors and contrasts. I wish I could be there…I love sunny winter days. Thanks for sharing. Cheers from sunny but chilly Norcal. Linnea

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