Reflecting On The Holiday Market

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Well, its only been one week since the end of the craft show, but in certain ways it seems like a month. I never did share my total experience over the four weekends at the show, so I thought I would post a few pictures that Bernie took on the last day.

I love this craft show, because we are set up for a month, we become a little community. Everyone bonds with different people, forging new friendships. Some of the people you will never see again, or at least not until next year at the same show, and others you will become close friends with. Last year I was lucky enough to meet Christie, and I did get to know her a little bit through a couple of shows last year, but we didn’t have the chance to be super close. I had the insight to keep in touch with her over the summer, sending her updates of our adventure in the Aleutian islands. This fall and winter I have become close with her and her daughter Jessica. They are a very sweet family, and I am happy I got the chance to meet them through these shows.

This year I was across the isle from Christie, so I got to visit with them the whole time. And then I got to know the lady across another isle from me, Connie. Her husband and her make wooden puzzle books. She was another very enjoyable person to get to talk with. We had some nice in depth spiritual conversations about health. She was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago, and has made some key changes in her life. She is doing well, and she is looking for other ways to improve her point of view in life. So I suggested a couple of books that have helped for me.

I have a wonderful time being around like minded people. And its great to see how all these people are expressing their souls through their creativity.


3 thoughts on “Reflecting On The Holiday Market

  1. So true! I used to do craft fairs fairly regularly before I had my daughter and I must say, I do miss them! My daughter’s at an age now where we can be apart for the odd day or too so I’m hoping to get involved again soon. I love the community feel and seeing everyone’s work – a real source of inspiration (even if I did often end up spending more than I made!) The month long set-up sounds a wonderful idea – I’ve not seen anything like that over here – although I have done some 4 day long fairs which also gave me time to get to know my fellow crafters. Reading your post makes me want to get stuck in again right now!

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