Merry Christmas!


The Back Field

We Have had a most beautiful Christmas! We got a good bit more snow over night, so we are having a wonderful white Christmas! Its been an extremely relaxed day of opening presents, eating brunch, and going outside.

Bernie with the new sled

Bernie and I went out to do a bit of sledding. This is the new sled that we got as a present. We don’t have the biggest hill in the world, but its still pretty fun. We have a pretty good track going on it now, so the sled flies down at a decent speed.  

View from the back field


In the shadow of a giant

I spent some time doing scenery shots when the sun came out, and Bernie headed over to the pond area with his camera to get some birds in the snow. I love this shot of our big Fir tree’s shadow stretching out accross the field in front of me. We have had feeders up since it started snowing, and we have quite the flock of birds coming to visit us and eat. The list of birds grows on a daily basis. Today the most exciting ones for me were the slate colored junco, fox sparrow, Oregon junco with no tail, mourning dove, and towhee. I love to sit by the window and watch them. Bernie will probably be posting some of his photos from today over the next couple of days, if you want to see what he has been up to visit:  

Bernie's Blog

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday, and enjoying each beautiful moment! For those of you with snow, I hope you are unleashing your inner child and spending some time out playing in it! For those of you who didn’t happen to have snow this year, I hope you are enjoying your inner child in other grand ways! Merry Christmas!

For other peoples view of the sky visit:

sky watch friday


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Sadly, after three major storms dropped bountiful snow on our hills (and valleys and roads and driveways); it rained all day long on Christmas Eve and then froze into a treacherously slippery surface for Christmas Day.

    Dangerous to walk on, much less play. At least I can imagine what it would have been like through your beautiful photos.

  2. Oh lucky you – it looks beautiful! Sadly no snow here but its getting colder now so perhaps we might see some soon. Glad you had a lovely christmas. Great photos too!

  3. those photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful place to be.

    That is one serious looking sled you’ve got there too – I thought it was a snowboard at first glance!

    Hope you have all had a wonderful holiday, it sounds like you have!


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