A Snow Angel

A Snow Angel


A couple of evenings ago Bernie and I went out for another snowy frolic in the back field. We tackled a different hill this time, and took turns being pulled down the hill (it wasn’t quite as speedy as we thought it would be on its own, so we implemented the pulling system). Angel joined us on the journey, and enjoyed chasing us down the hill.

After a bit mom wandered out to the field and she tried out the sledding thing. She quite liked it, and did it a few times. And then eventually dad even showed up, he just couldn’t resist. He was sliding down the hill head first. We all had an enjoyable time out in the snow, experiencing the joys of sledding again after many years.

So this is my version of a snow Angel. Much easier than getting snow down the collar of your coat! hehe. As I write this the snow is coming down amazingly thick, and the wind is howling. I just got a weather update from dad who has been watching the news, and I guess they are saying we are getting hurricane force winds here, oh fun. I best finish this up before the power goes out……

Tomorrow is the last day of the craft show, and I was hoping this winter storm would hold off until Monday or Tuesday, but here we are, and it is what it is. Hope I can make it in tomorrow! I hope everyone is warm and cozy where ever they might be tonight!

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9 thoughts on “A Snow Angel

  1. What a beautiful dog and photo 🙂 No snow here as of yet, and its turned quite mild so I dont think we will have a white christmas. I hope the winds are not too strong.

  2. I adore standard poodles – they are the most amazing companion dogs ever, smart and loveable, also gorgeous as is your lovely Angel. Lucky her to have a large place to romp and frolic. Great photo!
    The snow has been steadily coming down here since last evening. It is a gorgeous Solstice afternoon, but hell to drive on – so the roads are largely deserted, which is just fine by me. G

  3. Beautiful photo … The colour harmony, the composition and especially Bernie’s look make the picture very nice to contemplate. Have a pleasant Sunday!

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