The Art of Package Wrapping

Bernies present 1

Steph's present 1

Steph's present 2

Bernie's present 2


Tonights project was wrapping presents. Moms friend Stephanie came over with her gifts for family members, and we wrapped them. Mom and I love wrapping, and she has taught me how to be extremely artistic with the process. She does a BEAUTIFUL job, and I am slowly learning. Its so much fun to make the outside of the package as much of a present as what is hidden within.

This weekend kept me busy with the craft show. Last night it decided to snow here. I really do enjoy snow when it is fluffy, no wind, and you don’t have anywhere to go. But last night we had high winds, so the snow didn’t really stay in one place too well, and then I had to drive into the show this morning. It really was not a pretty snowy day. It also really cut down on the traffic at the show, which makes it a little frustrating, its not really worth the vendors time to be there if no one is shopping. But I have started doing some trading with the other vendors for some of my presents, I hope to do some more next weekend, because I still have a decent amount of things I want to get.

Felted Snowman

I have also been playing around with my needle felting. I created this cute little guy the other day, and I really like how he turned out (its hard to see in this picture, but he has a dark green top hat). I am sending him off as a present, and hope to make another one or two to send to other people. I really cant believe how fast Christmas is coming this year, it seems like it should still be October or something…… But I do have to say that I am starting to really get into the Christmas spirit, even if I do feel behind on gift shopping. I am proud to say I am buying a lot of local gifts this year. I still will be visiting some of those dreaded mega stores and the mall for a couple of gifts that local people just aren’t making yet, but a good portion of the gifts I have gotten so far are from other local artisans.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. The whole process should be one of joy, and never dread. If you are anxious about any part of the holidays you aren’t doing it right. Slow down, relax, spend some time loving yourself and your family, and make it all one joyous process!


8 thoughts on “The Art of Package Wrapping

  1. Hi!

    I have been really enjoying your beautiful blog, incredible photographs! :o) xxx

    What an absolute joy those gifts are! Really beautifully done! I love your needlefelt snowman too, just gorgeous. I do needle felting myself so know how much work goes into making, even little, felted things.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, it’s so lovely to connect with you.


  2. Hi Hen,

    Thank you for such kind words! I love to meet like minded people, and sharing with each other. Thank you for sharing your perspective on life, I look forward to following along with your blog.

    Its always wonderful to meet the kind and beautiful souls of the world!

  3. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. What fabulous present-wrapping. I use to do fancy-pants wrapping before I was married with a family – now it’s more utalitarian – but it was never as pretty as your gifts.

    Lovely photos too.

  4. Wow those presents look too good to unwrap, I would be highly delighted if I received a gift as beautifully presented as yours are.

    The snowman is so cute! We had a fluttering of snow here in the UK but it was also raining at the same time so nothing came of it. I also love the big fluffy flakes, especially when they land on my nose hee hee.

  5. beautiful wrapping! I’ve been wrapping a few presents today and thought I’d try to show the baby how to do it – the result was quite a lot of shredded paper! Oh well, she enjoyed herself!

    Your snowman is very cute too!

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