Have You Met a Chinchilla?

Baby Chinchilla


This adorable little girl is one of our baby chinchillas. I haven’t been feeling the best lately (trying to dissolve a cold) so I brought her in and let her run around my bed for a little bit. It made me feel much better watching her antics. They are such cute little creatures. I don’t spend enough time playing around with them, so when I do sit down and take the time, it always puts a smile on my face. I had to put her back after a little while though, because she had much more energy than I did, and I couldn’t keep up with her explorations.

If you have never had the chance to get to know a chinchilla, I highly recommend it. They make very fascinating pets! They are curious little creatures that can develop a nice bond with you. Our chinchillas live out in the barn, at one point we had a couple of them indoors, but my dad is quite allergic to them unfortunately (mostly allergic to the dust they take baths in to keep their fur clean). This little girl is so cute though, I am tempted to make her an inside pet, maybe she can take dust baths outside…..


4 thoughts on “Have You Met a Chinchilla?

  1. Chinchillas are the most delightful of beasties. Insufferably cute, too. The thought of their softpelts as fur coats makes me gag. i love the fur to come with four feet AND a personality.
    Your little one is a keeper. Too bad about the dust bathes. We have a Scottie female and she also adores summertime dust baths, which makes her look grey, not black. But then she is like a pocket pal, completely precious, so we put up with the sneezing. it’s as bad as our allergies get. G

  2. Awww she is very cute! I have only ever seen them for sale in pet shops here in the UK, and everytime they have been curled up asleep!

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