Any Ideas?


Its been much too long since I did a chicken entry. I love our little banty chickens, they provide me endless entertainment when I go out to talk with them. Over all we have a very friendly flock. I cant say any of them are overly enthused about being picked up, but I snatch them up every now and then, I just cant help it, they are so cute they need to be cuddled and pet. I went out the other day and took pictures of them, unfortunately they were not being good subjects, so most of the pictures were dumped. The only ones that were somewhat cooperative were the cochins. This picture is of my beloved little white rooster, he is my favorite out of the flock, and that is quite a feat, because I think they are all the cutest things on two legs (well we do have a couple that are a little homely, but we wont tell them that).

This little guy is just the sweetest rooster you ever will see. He has such a zen attitude. He follows you around when you are out in the chicken yard, he makes these soft little sounds as he goes about his business, talking to who ever will listen. He will crow once in a while, but not nearly as often as all our other roosters. I love to sit down and talk to him, and the gold laced cochin girls that we have. They are quite friendly themselves. They want to come up close to me and visit, and then they look all surprised when I scoop them up off the ground. I don’t think it’s the goal they were aiming for, I think they were going more for the feeding option.

I will have to go out on another sunny day and try to get more of these guys to cooperate. There is quite the rainbow of chickens out in the yard, I love all the different kinds. While my mom would like to keep all the off spring produced around the chicken yard purebreds (which never happens, because they never get separated out into breeding groups) I love to see the genetics project that goes on out there each year. You never know what those chicks are going to grow up to look like. We have gotten some really unique looking chickens out of the mix. Muffin, one of my other favorites out there is a cross that was raised here on the farm, I will have to get a picture of her, because I think she is too cute also.

So I would love to name this little guy instead of calling him my white rooster, unfortunately I just haven’t gotten around to being creative. I like looking for really unique names, if any of you can think of something different, but beautiful/creative let me know. I will let you all know if something strikes me as matching his personality!


4 thoughts on “Any Ideas?

  1. I have been thinking about a name since reading this post earlier. Your rooster strikes me as a gentle soul and I cannot help but think the name William suits him. Not very catchy I know ! Good luck with naming him 🙂

  2. I like both those names so far. Beaublanc is a cute use of white….. for some reason I have a hard time coming up with original names for pets. I have a dalmation named Dotty, two black cats named ‘black cat’ because I couldnt tell them apart early on….. I think I need some help. 🙂

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