Catching Up

Wow, I fell way behind on my blog this weekend. Two of the main reasons being I did my first weekend of the Pacific Arts craft show, and my family ended up getting the flu. About half the people we know around town ended up getting the same flu bug, not pleasant during the holidays.

Pacific Arts was fun. Its always fun for me to see who is showing, and what they make. There are a good hand full of the same people as last year. It becomes a little social group by the end of the show because it runs for so long. I am really happy with my spot this year, I am surrounded by people that I met last year, and they all seem to be good souls. Christie is across the isle from me, and her booth is filled with so many wonderful body products she gets lots of traffic. If the people around me are getting good traffic it means I am getting good traffic.

All day I get to visit with the customers that come through my booth, and when it gets a little slower, I get to visit with the other great vendors around me. Bernie’s photography gets high praise from almost everyone that comes through our booth. It’s great to see peoples reactions to the wildlife. Bernie is so good at capturing the unique personalities of each animal he comes across. I think some people miss the wild world around them, and so each picture shows them a glimpse of that world. Some people just get ecstatic about the pictures, it’s great to see. We have a few particular shots that are our best sellers, and I love to watch people looking through the cards and come upon them. The reactions are all slightly different, but all along the same lines. “Oh isn’t that funny!” “Oh isn’t that so cute!” “Oh my gosh, look at him, isn’t he adorable!” It cracks me up some times; I can almost guess what picture they are looking at.

I also have up some stained glass snow flakes, and a little display of my felted acorns. I really underestimated how popular the acorns were going to be, people think they are so clever. So that’s great for me, I just need to get myself into gear and make some more of them this week! I am thinking of coming up with some other felted crafts to possibly sell, since it seems to be an enjoyed medium.

So over all I am pretty excited, other than the family sickness I had a good weekend. I am enjoying a day off today, because I do feel a bit drained. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, and a relaxing weekend.


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