San Juan Sunset

San Juan Sunset

This is one of the many beautiful sunset shots that I was lucky enough to capture the other evening. The San Juan Islands are amazing. Its funny, even though I am living in this area I don’t think about the islands all that much, because they aren’t part of my every day routine. But then we make it up to a view point like this one, and I really appreciate how beautiful this area is.

I have to appologize for the quality of my photos on here, when I post them they get squished farther than I would like by wordpress, and end up much more blury than the actual photo.

To see more beautiful sky shots visit:

sky watch friday


17 thoughts on “San Juan Sunset

  1. Hi Stacey,

    I really enjoy your blog and photography. You have captured many beautiful photos. I love your passion and how you are capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I was wondering if you might grant me permission to use your San Juan Island sunset image in a website I’m creating? Thank you for your consideration.

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