Sunset Adventure

San Juan Sunset

Yesterday Bernie and I decided to go and try to get some pictures, since it has been a little while. So we went down to Larabee State Park. It’s a beautiful area, right on the water, and beautiful woods all around. We walked around for a little while in search of animal subjects for Bernie to capture in the digital world. Unfortunately there really wasn’t much going on in the animal kingdom. The water birds that were around were too far offshore to be able to get pictures of. We are really amazed at how little wildlife is around, it seems like the numbers decrease each year. Its disturbing sometimes.

After some time wandering around, not finding many opportunities for photography we decided to drive to another trailhead. This one is up a hill over looking the water and the San Juan Islands. We got up there well before sunset, and got some nice scenery shots of the view. Once the sun started its descent we started getting some beautiful shots. We had been frustrated at not getting many pictures for the day, and then all of the sudden we were handed the opportunity to take as many as we wanted. It was beautiful to experience this island sunset from our little hillside meadow.

I have been reading that book on the Law of attraction, and I think I have been getting a little bit better about following the mindset, because lately, every time I want some type of opportunity it has been presenting itself. The power of our thought is an amazing force, its something we don’t seem to realize. The more we believe in ourselves, and positive thought, the more we can achieve. How much fun!!

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9 thoughts on “Sunset Adventure

  1. That is beautiful! Well worth waiting for after a frustrating day of few photos 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous colors and patterns in the clouds and sun and everything else.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous sunset and definitely worth the wait! I live in Seattle and have been able to get some truly wonderful shots of the sunsets over Puget Sound, which is only a few blocks from our house. Thank you for sharing this one and it would be beautiful for Sky Watch!

  3. That’s such a restful sunset, so warm. It’s been over a year since I was at Larabee. I will need to return soon. This is my first time at That’s My World. I would like to introduce you to my town, Powell River, BC. — Margy

  4. What a glorious sunset and such a beautifully serene landscape. Thanks so much for sharing, I love all your other pics on your blog too.
    Cheers for now
    Malice 🙂

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