Refreshing Outing

Mt. Baker


Yesterdays’ outing was refreshing in many different ways. I was in need of an adventure away from the property, so we went to Hovander Park. It was wonderful to get out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. The air was nice and crisp; winter has definitely arrived here in the northwest. We wandered around for a while and took some pictures, unfortunately there wasn’t too much in the way of wildlife for Bernie to get pictures of. Mount Baker was showing in full glory though, so we both snapped some shots of it. Bernie has some nice close up shots taken with his telephoto lens, and the above picture is one of mine.

As we were walking along, soaking in the sunshine I was filled with a great sense of gratitude for our beautiful lifestyle. We are able to go out and enjoy nature when ever we want to. We don’t have to request for days off from work, we don’t have to wait until the weekend. I am so grateful for the freedom to live how I want to! I am becoming better at being greatful on a daily basis for my life and the people around me. Its a simple practice of enjoying the little things on a daily basis, and eventually your day is just a long string of special moments.

I spent some time collecting rosehips along our walk. I really am not sure what I am going to do with them, but I have wanted to get out there and collect some. I will have to look up some different recipes online, and do something with them. This is one of my faults some times, I have a huge desire to go harvest something, and then once I do, I don’t always follow through with making something with it. I am trying to get better about that!


Hovander park is a nice local park that is an old homstead. There is a beautiful old red barn in great condition, and the old house is a museum now. They have done a great job with the grounds, and all sorts of events are held there all year long. Right next door is Tennant Lake, which has a great boardwalk winding along the edge of a pond. Currently the boardwalk is closed for duck hunting season, which is too bad, it would have been nice to go down there. I have always enjoyed the feel of these two parks. 

In the morning before we left on our adventure we got some more siding put up on the pole building. That has been our ‘job’ the last couple of days, putting up siding. We are doing board and bat siding with the cedar that we just had milled. It looks really nice so far, even though we haven’t gotten too far. Once we get a little farther along I will have to post some pictures.


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